Scott Be Positive

Great Minds Focus On What They Focus On

There certainly can be very little doubt that one of the greatest historians that ever lived on the subject of Buddhism was D.T. Suzuki; Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki. His writings on the subject were voluminous and truly delved into all aspects of the topic. There can be little debate that his writings truly exposed the sublet nuisance of Buddhism to the Western world. To this day his writings are some of the most read and quoted materials on the subject. I can think of no other historian who provided such as service to the dissemination of Buddhism.
What was the greatest quality of this man’s work? Answer: His focus. He was keenly focused on exploring and propagating a singular subject.
I won’t provide you with his biography here, nor am I going to details his writings. All of this information is easily acquired. I will, however, suggest that you do investigate him and them. For the novice, the zealot, or the scholar of Buddhism, D.T. Suzuki is a fascinating source of information.
As questioned, what was the greatest quality of this man’s work? Focus. He chose his subject and through a lifetime of dedicated research and practice he was able to literally spread the knowledge he gained out to the world.
This characteristic of acute focus is something that very few people possess. This, I believe, is why so few people can actually make a difference in whatever it is they focus their life upon. Whereas D.T. Suzuki focused his life on true research, most people just willy-nilly their way through their life. They like what they like, they believe what they believe, but they never travel to the source of any of that, nor do they truly investigate and grow in developing an actual understanding of the true essence of anything that they hold in their mind. It is just there with no sense of factual guarantee.
Think about your own life. How have you lived it? Yes, you undoubtedly have thought what you have thought, believed what you have believed, but where is your root consciousness?

Yes, you were taught to believe what you believe. Yes, you were schooled in how to believe it? But, why? Where is the source of anything you think and believe? Are you focused on traveling to the source of whatever that Mind Think is and actually finding out the factors that set that whatever into motion? Probably not. Most people do not choose to possess the dedication to truly focus and find out the reason, "Why,” of what they think.  
If you don’t know, you don’t know.
People, especially people who base their lives around religion, commonly expound the statement, “Just believe. That is what faith is.” And, various other proclamations like that. But, is that truth? No.
Others, those who climb onto the pulpit say, “Believe me. I know.” But, what do they know? What
is their truth?
Most people are somewhere lost in the middle, simply living their life, thinking what they think, and doing what they do. But, in all of that, where does the basis of their anything come from? Where is their essence? Where is their cause and case for being? Why are they doing what they do, if what they do has no directed purpose?
Most of us never will poses the singular mind and directed focus of a man like D.T. Suzuki. But, that does not mean that we cannot strive to become that someone with something more than simply a person who passes through their life driven by whims and the selfish knowledge developed by someone else, who seeks nothing more than to be in control of our minds. We can strive to seek the source of what we think and what we believe.
If we can each strive to enter a new and more developed level of knowledge and understanding, we can then claim we are the sourcepoint of the knowledge we hold. With this, not only do we become a more whole and complete individual but then, we may even be able to present our knowledge to others and the whole world with a basis in fact.
Choose to become something more than nothing more than a believer. Have the dedication to find your own truth-based facts.