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You Are A Worker Bee

For all of us… At least all of us who are adults… We must find a way to make a living. …A way to make our way through this world. We must pay our bills and pay for a place to live. For many of us, that means we must get a job. For some, that job is simply a way to make a living. …A way to make enough money to live life. For others, their job is their life. All that they do revolves around their job.

I think to my father. He was all in at his job. So much so, that he literally had a heart attack and died while at his job. My mother, she was all about her job, as well. She was a woman who did not drive, yet she took the bus to work each day: rain or shine. When she was finally forced into retirement, due to her age, she had nothing to do as she had never developed any outside interests. Bored and with no purpose, she passed on a year or so later.

Most people are worker bees. They do not develop their own business. They never know what true responsibility is. They prefer to work for others so they can just collect a paycheck at the end of the week. Life is much easier that way. Then, they always have someone to complain about and blame. If they do something wrong, they may get scolded, at worst they may get fired, but it is not their business that will come crashing down. So, they are free from any true responsibility.

Some people, some of the worker bees, they get all involved with their job. They let it go to their head. They let it become their empowerment. They let it drive their ego. They allow it to become a vehicle for them to express their opinions about life and other people. I call people like this a, “Mouthy Maven.” They speak, maybe they yell, maybe they are rude, maybe they even attack others, but all they are is a worker bee. They exist via a position of service that they were given by someone else. Yet, the Mouthy Mavens are not providing the customer with a service at all. They step beyond their job description. As a consumer, these are the people you sometimes have to deal with; the one’s who really ruin your shopping (or whatever) experience. Yet, there they are getting paid.

In times gone past, in life, in places like India, there was a very detailed Cast System, where people were told what they could become. In most of life, it is really not that different. We are all defined by who we were born to, what was the level of their life, and if we become educated, earn the right degrees, and progress to the highest level we can based upon the amount of support or financial aid we are provided with. But still, much of our progress is defined by where we began.

Thus, we get back to the worker bees… The people who work to make society function. They are the core of societal existence.

Here’s the thing… Unless you were born into a lot of money, and your family is willing to give it to you, you are probably going to be/become a worker bee. That’s the law of averages. So, what are you going to do with this fact? How are you going to process this fact? Are you going to live your life defined entirely by your job? Are you going to use your job to provide you with a means to actually live life the way you had hoped? Or, are you going to become a Mouthy Maven and ruin the experience of others who come into contact with you while you are doing your job?

Everything you do while in the experience of your life is defined by what you choose to do within that experience. It is defined by how you choose to think? It is defined by how you choose to analyze that experience. It is defined by how you allow that experience to cause you to act. At the root sourcepoint of your life is YOU. But, if
you must deal with others while you do what you do, then at that moment karma is set into play. How you behave towards others while in that/any situation is going to define the next set of options in your life and what you will encounter next and next and next in your life. So, if you are a worker bee, what are you going to create within that experience of your job? What are you going to allow it to do for your life? What are you going to allow it to do to the life of other people?

As in all cases, what you do, how you choose to behave, and how you interact with others, comes to be the definition of your life. What is the definition of your life? What will be the definition of your life? How will what you do to earn a living to survive define the all and the everything of what becomes of your life? If you do not contemplate these things, you will never truly understand your life, yourself, or how you have arrived at where you have arrived.