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Be Positive

The Unknown

I have a couple of cats. One of my cats hurt herself. How she did that I have no idea. But, she did. The Vet put her in one of those cone things that animals wear around the neck protecting their head. She has to wear it for like a month. It is obviously freaking her out.

If you slip and fall and break your arm or something, the doctor is going to put you in a cast. Sure, you’re not going to like it and it may annoy you. But, it is going to be explained to you. You are going to understand it. For a cat, you can talk and talk to them, trying to explain, but they will not, they cannot understand. For them, all that is happening is some strange thing is wrapped around their neck and going out over their head and it is really messing with their life, their lifestyle, and all that is known. What is being lived is being it experienced but it based in the unknown. They do not know why it is happening.

In life, in your life, how many times have you encountered some unexpected, unexplained life experience and you question, “Why is this happening to me?” You know that it happened. You experienced it. But, it came out of nowhere and you don’t know why. All you are left with is dealing with the aftermath. What do you do then?