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Stay Wild While You Can

Hopped over onto Facebook this morning and the statement, “Stay wild while you can,” was one of the first headings that came up. …Provided by the account of The SoapGirls. They’re a band fronted by two sisters. They travel the club scenes of the world doing some really good, “Wild,” stuff.
The next thing to pop up was a photo of REM when they were young and obviously rockin’ a nightclub way back in the way back when. It was obviously a very, “Wild,” scene; the band going crazy and everyone dancing.
Some people are stagnant their entire life. They never/they refuse to let loose. I’ve known people like that. I’ve watched them from young to old and they hold fast to not being, “Wild.” Other people, once wild and free, allow themselves to become frigid and stagnant. But some, they stay wild their whole life. Though I must add the statement I coined a long-long time ago to this segment, “Nobody wants to see an old person dance.”  
…But, somewhere in between all of that, there can be the freedom to, “Stay wild while you can,” no matter how young or old you are. It’s a good life motto. You can live your life to the fullest, to the, “Wildest,” and embrace each reality as a new reality, while you are embracing all of your experiences to the maximum.

Stay wild while you can!