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My Teachers Says

Many people, when they encounter an individual that they consider to be of a more advanced or more revered position in life than themselves, remove Self-Definition and replace it with a deflection of responsibility. “My teacher says…” In the various ways these words are presented, the individual references the fact that they have a teacher, that they are a student, and that they have been guided by someone else. From this, they remove all layers of culpability and thereby are not ultimately responsible for what they say or what they do.

There is a very large problem with this mindset, however. That problem is, the person who deflects Personal Knowledge can never become the Master of their own destiny. They can never be the one that others turn to for True Knowledge as they, themselves, are proclaiming that they do not personally possess it.

Look to someone who has passed through their life and has obtained a position of authority. If you study their journey you will see that, yes, they did study a specific pathway of understand but then they emerged at the other end of that journey with a clear sense of Self Actualized truth. Yes, they were taught. Yes, they learned. But, at the end of their course of study they emerged as the True Knower of what they understand.

No matter how much a person studies and learns from another individual, it is they who translates that knowledge into Personal Understanding. If all a person does is to mirror what he or she is taught they can never become a Master of their craft. It is only the person who learns, understands, and masters whatever subject they are studying that emerges as the individual who is understood to hold the True Knowledge of what they speak.

Whenever you meet someone, truly listen to the words they speak. Truly study the source of their knowledge and who and what they claim as a source. If all a person does is speak their mind, with no basis for advanced understanding, they should not be listened to because all they are driven by is ego. If a person deflects what they say by claiming what they speak and what they teach is based upon the knowledge that someone else possess then instead of learning from them go to the source of their knowledge for that is obviously the person that holds the True Knowledge.

In life, few people Know and the ones who claim that they do usually do not, they simply pretend that they do.

Be careful whom you listen to and from whom you study. If they do not truly Know, you can never Know, as what they have to teach you is, at best, Borrowed Knowledge.