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The Stuff That People Do

I often find myself reflecting about the things that people do and the things I have experienced via the hands of other people in this blog. I do this because that is what life seems to be all about. All life is all instigated and orchestrated by what one person does to another. Aside from natural disasters or aberrant, intense weather conditions, and abstract stuff like that, all the good and all the bad that is brought about in a person’s life is enacted from one person to another.

When I look to my extended family, I have a person who is a nurse and she has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 crises since its inception. And, this pandemic has been going on for over a year now. Selflessly, she has plowed through her life, day-to-day, trying to heal this world. As she puts it, “I think at some point it is all going to catch up with me and I am going to have a complete meltdown.” I don’t doubt it. How many people can claim that they have lived a life like that and have truly helped the world? Very few. I believe it is people like her who we should all judge ourselves in comparison to.

On the other side of the issue, I have a brother-in-law who literally killed his mother. He came home with COVID-19, knowing that that he had it, he was hospitalized but recovered but his mother did not. She died. He also gave it to his son, who lives with the son’s baby-mommy, and they both got it. The mother did not develop symptoms but the son, to this day, tells me he has lung problems; he can’t run like he used to or play his instrument, as well as he once did. My brother-in-law literally killed someone and messed up the life of two other people, (and there may be more), yet he is allowed to dance on through his life.

I have had people, I am in very close relationships with, do some very bad things to me, (at least by my definition). Then, they make excuses and they dance on through their life. But, that doesn’t change the pain inflicted. People I’ve never met, people I will never know, have done things to hurt me. To what end, was always my question? Did they care about me? Obviously not. Yet, they did what they did based upon whatever was going on in their mind. Then, they moved on, probably didn’t care, and forgot all about what they had done to me even though what they had done was still negatively affecting my life.

I am certainly not the only person who has experienced both the good and the bad brought about by other people in their life. Most of us have. I actually believe that if I were to put my true-life story out there some people would be amazed at what I have lived through. But, do you care? I’m guessing that you do not. You are living your life, you are living through your life trials and tribulations, you are caring about yourself and what has been done to you, (in both a positive and negative manner), and you could give two shits about me or anybody else. You don’t know me, so why should you care?

I think this brings us to the sourcepoint of why life is like life is. Though there are a few people who are really on the front lines of giving, caring, and doing good, most of the world’s people are locked into their own shell of selfishness. If they do something good, they want everyone to know about it and get all kinds of praise for having done what they have done. If they do something bad, they want everyone to forget about it, never mention it again, and, at best, they make excuses for why they did what they did and then they expect forgiveness.

So, as I often question in this blog, how about you? Where do you find yourself in the spectrum of life caring and giving? What are you giving? Who are you helping? What are you taking? Who are you hurting? When you have helped, what do you expect in return? When you have hurt, how have you tried to correct and undo the pain you have inflicted? And, what are you consciously doing right now to step away from thinking only about yourself and to try to help to make this world and the life of other people a better place?