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You Can Only Control the Things You Can Control

How many things upset you in the Out There? How many things do you see on the news, online, or see or hear in real life that causes you to get that feeling of dissatisfaction running through your veins? We all have those things. For each of us those things are different. But, it is what you do, based upon those feelings, that will come to be the definition of your life.

The fact of the fact is, you can only control the things you can control. But, most people don’t realize this. Most people don’t understand this. They allow that negative emotion of intense dissatisfaction to take control over them. They allow those feelings to control their actions. Most never question why.

Think about something that upsets you or something that has recently upset you. Why did it upset you? Take a moment and really chart out the whole situation in your mind. What was it? Why was it? What happened? Who did what? Why did they do it? And, most importantly, how did it affect you?

Many people become upset at something that does not truly affect them. They see something or they hear something that is based in the Out There—something that truly has very little to do with them. Yet, they allow that SOME THING to take control over them. But, why?

If you truly analyze something that upsets you, particularly in the moment it is upsetting you, you may very well find that that SOME THING has very little to do with you. Yeah, you may not like it. Yeah, it may make you angry. Yeah, it may frustrate you. But, in actually, it does not actually affect your life. So, why let it control you?

Many people do many things based in their dissatisfaction in a SOME THING that has very little to do with them. But, the problem is, negativity only equals further negativity and negativity will only come to cause further negativity to come your direction.

Here’s the thing… We all feel what we feel. Certain things, certain actions, taken by others, touch that place in us where we just don’t like what they are doing. But, they are doing it. Why should you let their DOING take control over what you do? Because, if you allow them and their actions to take control over how you think, feel, and act then you have given them control over YOU. They become the controlling factor of YOU. Is that what you want? Do you want someone who does something that makes you angry to hold control over you?

People do all kinds of messed up things all the time. Some of them you witness and you do not like. But, if you wish to remain whole in yourself and maintain your control over yourself and not relinquish your control of YOU to them, then you just have to see what you see, hear what you hear, love it or hate it, but never let the actions of others take control over how you think, feel, or act because the fact of the fact is, no matter how much you allow the actions of someone else to control you, there will always be very little you can actually do to change anything and if you try to change it, your attempts may come back to hurt your own existence.

You can only control the things you can control.