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Be Positive

Nothing is Perfect

There is this common consensus, especially among those who walk a spiritual path, that all is perfect, that everything happens as it should happen, that it is god’s way. From this concept and mindset, people find solace. But, isn’t this solace simply a drug? Isn’t it merely a way to provide yourself with a lie so that you do not have to face the fact that you really do not like what is going on and what is taking place? In fact, aren’t all of the things that religion and philosophy provide one with simply a means of coping when one is not happy with what is taking place?

The fact of the fact is, in life we all encounter things and happenings that we do not like. Some people, who walk down a dark road, encounter those things more than most. But, even the person who walks a path of positivity will find times in their life when the events that are surrounding them are distasteful.

Here arises the paradox. In those moments, and we all will encounter them, we can take the drug of acceptance. We can tell ourselves that all is perfect and whatever is happening is occurring for some greater reason. We can even believe that what is happening is based upon some divine commandment and that we will realize our true lesson learned further down the line. But, that never changes the reality of the reality that sometimes things happen that we just do not like.

There are those who, when this type of situation occurs, they go into a complete rage. A tantrum if you will. They get so upset and maybe they yell, maybe they scream, maybe they hit people, maybe they break things, maybe they do whatever… But, does violent destruction change what is taking place? No.

There are also those who immediately go into repair mode and try to correct or fix what is taking place. Though this is obviously a more positive approach, there are many times when something has occurred, that you do not like, that was instigated by someone you have no control over or an act of god, as large cataclysmic events are often titled. Then what? What can you actually do to change the reality?

The fact of life is, we are all going to encounter events created by other people or other things that we do not like. It is what we do in those moments that not only gets us through those events but it also defines the next batch of karma that will come our direction.

How about you? What do you do when events that you don’t like find you? Do you ever contemplate your involvement in the situation? Do you ever blame yourself for their instigation? Do you always blame someone else? Do you blame god? Do you believe that all life is perfect and this is just something guiding you towards a better you? Or, do you go ballistic: hurt and destroy?

Nobody likes it when life events happen that hurt us. Nobody likes life events that occur that make us unhappy. But, if you do not chart a conscious course for how you will deal with those moments, when and if they do occur, than when they happen you will possess no realms of relief.

Religion may be your answer. Acceptance may be your answer. Awareness may be your answer. But, whatever your answer is, know your answer before you need your answer. With this, if any crisis befalls you, large or small, you will, at least, know the drug to take to get you through that event in the least debilitating manner possible.