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The Lost Vision of Suchness

So, I am sitting here in the late night, as I tend to do. Some people are very upset about their sleeplessness when they do not sleep. Though I love sleep, (one of my favorite things to do), but it never bothers me when I do not sleep, as there is only so much life we are given to live.

I’ve doused my body and mind with the grape, as I tend to do. I’ve watched a movie or two—On-Demand; barely worth watching, as is the promised. I have a Persian cat sitting on my lap, awake like I, purring loudly, as we are both very happy to be in one another’s company. All that’s a good thing…

Generally, before I go to bed, in these days of late, I tend to watch music videos late into the late night. Most, I’ve seen before. Some are new. Some, from the first generation of music videos, bring back memories. But, all of them cast me to a space of altered reality where my mind may melt with the abstract realms of rhythm, melody, and visual images.

Sometimes, I flip over to CMT and watch County Music Videos for a time. It always makes me think, “You really should have made me a Country Western Superstar.” I mean, I have written so many songs that would play so well as Country… I could have so expanded in that world of blonde and fake blonde people. But, that was never who I truly was. I guess I was way too dark for all of that… But, I could have been/should have been… If you know what I mean…

Mostly, I watch and listen to what is new. I love the feel-good because so much of life is just the opposite. I love the grand vision of the subtleties. Most of the video, like the music, is expected: heard and seen before. I don’t know if the directors of these pieces ever truly consciously know what they are creating but every now and then they hit a note of excellent in their cinematic presentations. Then, at least for a moment, life is filled with perfection.

It’s funny… One those things that most people of the world do not know… …Something that my lady and I just spoke about this evening as we watched this Academy Award nominated actor now doing a, “Cheap,” film On-Demand late into the late night… …Stars are everywhere here in L.A. You see them all the time. As I was born here, it just seemed like that was the way it is. I never thought that much about it. Because what does fame really mean anyway?

Anyway, this one guy, (the aforementioned actor), we were eating this great pasta-based breakfast at this restaurant in We-Ho a while back, pre-pandemic, outside as I like to sit and he was there smoking—really killing our meal standing just outside of the railing talking to this actress who currently had a popular TV series. Academy Award nomination or not, this one-time star had the potential to kill the experience of the everyday person just like everyone else has the potential to do. But, who thinks about anyone else, especially when you were once nominated for an Academy Award? Do you? How much time do you spending thinking about how what you are doing may affect the someone/the anyone else?

I think to when I am on an A-movie set. Pretty much they have Still Photographers and Videographers capturing all that they can. Every now and then I notice that one of these people knows who I am. …They know the who they think I am. I can see them wondering, “What is this guy doing here?” But, they photograph me none-the-less. I wish I could have all of those photographs. I wish I could have all of those videotapes. They would make a great Zen Film.

That is not to say that all are aghast that Scott Shaw would be cast in something big. Some know me. Some are very nice to me—happy that I am there. Me too Happy But, it is more the notice of those who expect the obvious that wonder why the dis-obvious would ever be cast in such a role that makes me smile.

But, this leads us to the all and the everything of the nothing… The essence of life, for those of us who care to see it. And, the Lost Vision of Suchness… If we look to the abstract we can see the subtle actuality of the conceptual vision of reality. If we can see the ego of those who are verses the minds of those who are not we can find that center point and come to the understanding that no matter where a person finds themselves in life it is what they do with that placement that makes them less or more—that makes them controlled by or a participant to the understanding of the great illusion.

You can know, if you want to know. You can be, if you want to be. Or, you can simply exist, controlled by all the, “Out there.”

Who are you? What are you? What are you trying to become?

Can you be what you can be? Or, must you only be what is seen and defined in the eyes of the everyone else?