Scott Be Positive

Never Ask for a Favor

Have you ever noticed that some people ask for a lot of favors? They ask you to do something and it seems so innocent but then it leads you down a road to a lot of problems?
Have you ever said, “No,” to one of these favor askers and then they got all incensed? Or, have you ever asked them for a favor, after you’ve done them a solid, and all they have is all of these excuses of why they just cannot help you out?
For me, whenever I ask anybody for anything, I always make sure that there is an element of give-back—that they are going to get something out of their effort in return for their doing. Then, though yes, they may be helping me out, they also will reap some benefit from their giving.
Whenever someone who has helped me out asks me for something, I always respond with a yes. They helped me, so I feel I must help them. But, I guess this is where all the problems of favor giving is formed.
Have you ever had somebody do something for you and it just kind of feels that they are doing it so they can get something out of you in the near future? Maybe they go all-in in doing the favor you asked of them—they do it one hundred percent, but then, almost immediately, they turn it around and they ask something BIG from you—something that really messes with your life space to do?  
If you hadn’t asked them, they probably wouldn’t have asked you. So, who actually set the ball into motion?
Favors are a complicated thing. That’s why I virtually never ask anything from anybody. It just walks everyone down a road where life gets so complicated.
So, next time you ask someone for some sort of help, think about what it is going to cost you a bit further down the line. Ponder what you are going to owe them. Question, what you asking, and them giving, will cause you to owe. Because if you ask and they give but then if they ask and you don’t give, who’s lap is that karma going to fall into?