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The Law of Adaptation and How the Homeless Ruin Everything

I am sure that for the biblical scholars this period of time we are living through provides them with all kinds of substance to draw conclusions about the fact that we are in the end of days. I could throw out a bunch of biblical quotes that could be interpreted as to the time we are living through but I don’t want to bore you. I mean, let’s face facts, what the earth has gone through over the past few years is a mess!!! Between the pandemic, Russia invading Ukraine, all the mass shootings taking place, the catastrophic fires, the intense weather conditions, you name it. The world is in disarray!
If you think about this, however, all Things Life come down to one element. That one element is the individual. If one person is suffering, they are suffering. If one person has been hurt by someone else, they are in pain. Thus, though the world is obviously going through this time of intense crisis, that pain is or is not felt only on the individual level.
Think about your own life. What are you feeling right now? Do you have COVID-19? Has someone you know recently passed away? Has something been stolen from you? Have you recently been attacked by someone? Has your country been invaded by a hostile force? Or maybe, you just feel like shit, because you feel like shit.  If you are hurting, you are hurting. If someone made you hurt, they made you hurt.
Perhaps, all is well with your world, and you feel great! I hope that is the case. But, however you feel, that is you feeling how you feel. Yes, others may be experiencing the same or a similar thing, but all feelings comes down to the individual level. Think about it…
What changes each of our lives, for the better or for the worse, is most often what someone else does to our life. It is someone doing something. Whether this doing is intentional or unintentional does not change the outcome. What happens is that someone does something and we are left dealing with the consequence of what they have done.
These situations can be very small or they can be very large. But, no matter the size or the magnitude, it is the individual who must find a way to make their way through the experience.
This morning, I headed off for breakfast. I was driving up this small hill I drive most every day. A driver, very slowly, turns from the far left lane, across traffic, into this parking lot that was on his right. Obviously, this stoped the flow of traffic. Luckily, it did not cause an accident. The driver made his way in the parking lot but the car behind him, who had come to a complete stop, was checking his phone or something, and was still fully stopped in the middle of the street after the car that created the situation was gone. I give him a little honk. You know, just to let him know that there are other people in the world. He moves forward up to the stop light where I could see his passage side window rolling down. I pull up to the intersection and there he is glaring at me. I could not help but break into laughter. I mean, he did something unthinking, he created a situation, and now he is trying to break hard with me, like it was my fault. Are you kidding me!  In my mind I was saying, “Do you know who you’re dealing with. I fight every day.” But, I just laughingly drove on.
Here's the thing, a meaningless nothing situation could have been turned into a something situation, all based in one person deciding to do something. This, even though, they were at least partially responsible for setting the situation in motion in the first place.
Plus, it was me who was left with deciding with how to best deal with what someone else instigated. I could have got out of my car and stated a brawl. …Now, I wouldn’t do something like that, for that is not the kind of person I am. But, think about it, that stuff goes on all the time. Think about all the road rage you hear about or maybe have encountered.  
I drove on to one of my usual breakfast haunts, where I had it all planned out what I was going to order.
Outside, on the patio, the only place I like to sit in this day and age of COVID, was this homeless guy camped out. He had his shopping cart full of his belongings central to the patio area. He was standing there, doing what looked to be like giving himself a sponge bath or something but all he had was a couple of paper towels. He was wildly whipping himself from head to toe. Then, he took the paper towel and was (apparently) cleaning the inside of his nose. How he got his finger and that towel so deeply up there I will never know. …He was doing this while this elderly lady, the only person sitting out there, was trying to eat her food and pretend what was going on next to her was not going on.
Now, we all feel for the homeless. At least most of us do. But, when they, or anyone else, invade our space, this changes everything. They are no longer simply someone with a problem, they have become our problem. They have made themselves our problem. Thus, our life is changed. The direction of our life is changed. Like my plans were with where I was going to eat. …Not wishing to deal with all of that nonsenses, I just turned and left.
Again, this illustrates the fact, that even on the very smallest of levels, it is the individual (in this case me) who’s life became affected by the doings of someone else.
But, what can we do about any of this?
For example, yesterday, in a nearby park, there was another mass shooting where two people were killed and others were injured. This morning on the TV a man was stating that the police were not doing their job as they did not shut down the impromptu softball game and a car gathering that was taking place at the park. But, turn this around. If the police had gone in a shut it down, they would have been called racists, and blamed for ruining a perfectly good gathering of friends.
The police are not allowed to do anything anymore!
Or, like about a week or so ago, this former female Olympic Volleyball player was clubbed in the face by this homeless guy for no reason. Luckily, there was this guy on the scene who held the attacker on the ground until the police arrive. There was footage on the news with this guy’s foot holding the attacker down. They were both African-American as was the volleyball player. Can you imagine if I had done that? A white guy!  No matter who I was helping, everyone would have screamed racism!
Again, here was a woman, simply going about her day, and she got attacked. Think how often this style of attack goes on all the time, all over the place, by any number of methods. One person living their life and then having their life altered by the actions of another.
So yes, we are living through a crazy time in the history of humanity. But, all things felt are only felt on the individual level. Remember this the next time you do anything, as what you say or what you do will cause someone to feel something. It will cause other people to act and react. Do you want to be the source of goodness in the world? Or, do you wish to be selfish, unthinking, and uncaring about the way what you do will cause someone else to feel?
Think before you do. Be the better person who does the better things!