Scott Be Positive

When You Lose Your Favorite Toy

Ever since I’ve settled into a more sedentary life and lifestyle, I’ve always had at least two cats. Sometimes, as the years tick on, they pass away and move onto the other/outer realms that no one really knows anything about. But, they are gone… When this happens, after the grief has somewhat subsided, though it may take some time to find the right partner, we always get a new friend for our remaining cat. No matter what anyone says, cats are not solitary creatures. They need a friend.
Each cat that has been in my life has its own very unique personality. Just like people, each cat is their own person—they like what they like, and they dislike what they dislike.
We have this cat that came into our life about a year ago. A sweet little girl with just an adorable personality—one of those beings that you just can’t help but love. She’s a player. She likes to play with us. She likes to play with her roommate. They chase each other back and forth. And, she likes to play by herself. 
Since she has joined us, it was necessary to assemble this big pile of cat toys: balls, strings, little stuffed animals, and various other stuff. The toys are all situated over in one corner that I call her toy box. I always exclaim to her that she needs to put her toys away when she’s done playing with them because all it takes is like an hour or two and they’re all over the place. Of course, she doesn’t listen to me. It’s always me that must pick them up and put them away.
I was sitting on the couch today, eating lunch, and out of the corner of my eye I see her playing with her favorite stuffed ball toy. It has a little string attached to it and she runs around, bapping it all over the place. I see her run it out to the patio. She’s up on her hind legs slapping it around. Then, she swipes it hard and she knocks it over the side of the patio. I shake my head, put down my quesadilla, and get up.
Where I live there is this massive forest of vines and plants and stuff down below my patio. I look down but I could not see it. Meaning, if I can’t see it from up here there is no way I could find it down there. It’s gone. Her favorite toy has been sent to never-never-land. Sad…
Now, I don’t know how she feels about losing her favorite toy. She did sit there for a time looking over the side where she had knocked it away. But me, I feel bad. I mean it’s so hard to lose your favorite toy. I know I have had my toys taken away in the past and it doesn’t feel good.
I remember the first time that this happened, I was like three or something and father got mad at me, for some reason, (I mean really, what can a three year old that is all that bad?), but he grabbed my hobby horse from me broke it over his knee. I was crushed. I really loved that hobby horse. When I was like ten, my mother got mad at me, again for who knows what reason, and she picked up and smashed my favorite model car that I had built. I was so sad, I had put so much work into that model and really like looking at it. When I was maybe eleven or twelve my bike got stolen. I really loved that bike. It was a Schwinn Pea Picker. When I was in my twenties my girlfriend caught me cheating on her (again). I was a horrible womanizer back then. She crashed her way through the front door of my apartment and grabbed the first thing she could find, which was my favorite guitar, and she smashed it into a thousand pieces. Very sad. I loved that guitar. Of course, there’s been people who ran into my motorcycles and my cars that I really loved; destroying them. But, whatever the cause, don’t you think it is really sad when you lose your favorite toy—even if, like my cat just did, you do it to yourself? How about you? What, “Toy,” have you lost that you really loved?
There is all this anti-material spiritualism out there that you can reference about how you should not become attached to physical objects. Or, like Bob Dylan sang, “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” But, who can feel that way all time? When something is lost that you love, it is gone forever. And though, maybe you try to replace it, (I know I have), any replacement is just that, a replacement. It’s not that true love.
So, I don’t know??? We are all going to lose things those things that we love somewhere along the way. And though, through time, we may be able to rationalize our way out of feeling really-really bad about that loss. But, the loss is still there and it is us (you and I) who must come to terms with that loss.
I guess the main thing is, never be the person who causes anyone to lose that thing that they love. Never be the thief. Never be the destroyer. Never be the hurter. Sure, give people things that they may come to love. But, never be the remover of that love. And, if you can, try to replace that lost, loved toy for that somebody else. Because I think we all are the same, we feel bad when we lose our favorite toy.