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Someone Else’s Money

So… How is it that you come by your money? How is it that you get the money to buy the things that you need? How is it that you get the money to buy the things that you want?

Most people never think about any of this. They just do whatever it is they do to get their money.

The problem is, if you don’t think about how you come by getting your money you can create an entire world of bad effects not only for you but for other people and possibly the entire world.

Again, how do you come by your money? What do you do to get your money? Take a moment and really chart this out.

Most people justify whatever it is they are doing as long as they get the money they need. They really don’t care what their doing is doing to anyone or anything else, nor do they understand what their doing is doing to themselves. How about you? How does what you do to get your money affect yourself; anyone or everyone else? Truly, ask yourself this question and come up with a truthful answer.

Some people believe that as long as what they are doing is legal, what they are doing to get paid is just fine. But, is it? What karma is attached to what you do to get money.

Getting paid has changed a lot since the dawning of the internet. And, it has continued to evolve. Though some people do the same jobs that have been done for generations to make their money, other people do different things today than what was done even a few years ago. So again, clearly detail what it is you do to make your money. What does it mean to you and your life, what does it mean to that anyone else, and what does it mean to that person who pays you?

Most people make their money via other people paying them for doing something that they do. In some cases, this is a traditional job: physical or mental labor equaling a something. Some own personal businesses that creates the interplay of having to please your customers or there will be no business. Others, get paid via nefarious means. They knowing do things that will hurt someone or something else to get their money. Not good but that is reality. Still others do very abstract things like create art or critique the art others have created. Whatever the case, the money someone pays you to do something causes you to enter into the realms of an interpersonal relationship with that person or persons and this is where many of the problems with life and with karma begin.

Think about the people who pay you for doing what you do. What do you owe them and why? Again, most people never think about any of this. But, the moment someone pays you, you owe them something. The problem with this, “Something,” is, that something is different in the mind of each person.

Most people simply skim over this fact in life. They just think about the money they are making. They don’t think what taking the money from someone else actually means.

What does it mean? Are you completely oblivious to the fact that the moment someone pays you, you owe them. The what you owe them is the only question.

When some people do not do what they are paid for, they are fired. For others, they are chastised. Yet, for others what occurs becomes much more villainous. We’ve all heard stories. But, the fact of the fact is, if the person seeking to get paid did not place themselves in a position of servitude in the first place to that other individual nothing negative could have ever occurred.

Think how many people dislike the people who pay or give them money. Think how many people hate their bosses. Think how many people dislike the people who they must do whatever it is they do to get paid. Even the people who own businesses, and get paid by clientele, own that person giving them money their entire life as all that they own is provided by them. But, how many people think about this?

Here is the ultimate truth to all of this, if you take money from someone/anyone, you own that person everything, because they are the one keeping you alive.

So, here’s the thing, and you can lie to yourself all you want, but it does not change the truth; if you receive money from anyone for any reason you owe that person everything because they are the one who is providing you with a means to survive.

Think about it… And, once you do think about it, take a long hard look at your life and decide who you owe what to and why. How did you make your money to survive? And, how can you pay back all of those people who provided you with the money to live your life as you have and own the things that you own?

You can take by whatever means you want to claim your deservedness but from every person you take you owe that person everything. So, who do you owe? How are you going to pay them back for providing you with a life?