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If a Microphone Doesn’t Record a Sound, is it a Microphone at All?

Ever since the camera on the iPhone, (several models back), entered into the stage of becoming a GREAT camera, there have been people, including myself, who have filmed entire movies on their iPhone. If a filmmaker hoped to get enhanced audio on their iPhone, they generally attached a microphone to it. There were several companies that designed external microphones to attach directly to your iPhone. Some of them were very good. They truly enchased the quality of the recorded audio.
Me, being me, and revolving a lot of my life around visual images, I purchased this one iPhone orientated microphone a couple of years ago. It was plug and play. The moment you plugged it in, it set up your software and you were good to go. I purchased it, I set it up, and then I never used it. It rode with me in my car, for the just-in-case, but I never used it. I kept thinking about using it, but I never did.
When the new(est) iPhone 15 was recently released, I, of course, upgraded to it. The thing is, Apple changed its plug-in port on this model. Thus, all of the cables, portable power chargers, microphones, and all that kind of stuff that was previously useable, could no longer be plugged into the iPhone 15. Thus, that microphone, as good as it was, was never used.
Question:  If a microphone doesn’t record a sound, is it a microphone at all?
Think about things… Think about your life… How many things have you acquired that you believed you would use, but you did not use? What was the meaning of them in and to your life, as they were there for you to use, but they remained unused? Did your owning them prove to have any meaning at all?
Life is defined by what you do in your life. Much of your life is defined by the materials; both physical and mental, that you have at your disposal. What have you done with those things? What have you accomplished with those objects? If you have done nothing with them, who is at fault? What would your life have been like if you had done the doing with those articles at your disposal?
A person’s life is defined, in the mind of others, by what they have done. It’s as simple as that. If you have done good things, you are seen as good. If you have done bad things, that is how you are viewed; bad.
In fact, if a person has done something very good for you, that is what you remember about them. That is what is at the forefront of your mind whenever you think about them. Yes? This is the same when someone has done something bad to you. You think of them, that is how they are defined in your mind’s eye. It almost does not even matter how many just general life stuff things happen between you and them over the course of your relationship. That one big good or that one big bad is how they are defined in your mind. Yes?
Meaning, what you do with what is at your disposal becomes the definition of your life.
What do you currently own that you purchased to do something with?  Have you done it? If not, why not?
What interpersonal something do you hold deep in your being that you planned to bring from your inside to your outside? Have you done it? If not, why not?
Your life is defined by what you do? Your life is defined by what you do in association with what you possess. What are you going to do with it? How will what you do with it be defined in the mind of others?
If a microphone doesn’t record a sound, is it a microphone at all?