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Death Should Not Be a Game

I was waiting for the new episode of The Walking Dead to come on last night so I was flipping channels. I came upon the premiere of this new show following the police of Louisiana that handle the wild life patrol.

First of all, let me state, I used to really enjoy shows like COPS and Live PD. In fact, COPS was one of my biggest influences when I entered the filmmaking game. I loved that style of raw cinematography and reality. But, then came this age of… I don’t even know what to call it. I guess, “Political Correctness.” And, they took shows like Live PD and COPS off the air. Once upon a time you could pretty much find an episode of COPS playing somewhere on some channel day or night. Now, nada. What has remained is a couple of shows that feature Game Wardens and the like. Not nearly as intense but… It is a minor fix if you want a dose of reality policing TV.

So, I’m watching that show and this one female officer was lamenting about how they may have to take this six year old boys first kill of a deer away form him. She was sad as she had killed her first deer when she was six. Then, the show went to another officer talking to another father who was so proud of his young son’s kill of a deer. Wow…

Now, I get it, I’m a city kid and you people from rural America and other places grow up with a different set of standards than I did. But, when I see a deer, I just think how pure and beautiful it is. I love to watch it move and live its life. I never think about killing it. I mean, isn’t it understood that people that grow up to be psycho killers begin by killing animals when they are young. Now, I’m not saying that about these kids, but it seems like they are being skilled to kill. Then, when they do kill, their actions are applauded. I don’t know… I just don’t see that as right.

I have never gone hunting. I never would. They only experience I ever had with hunting was when I was about twelve or thirteen and my mother, who was originally from the mid-west, and I visited her hometown this one time. My distant cousin, via marriage, was going hunting. He invited me. I didn’t want to go. I was all into Eastern spirituality and such. But, my mother insisted. We’re out there in the woods and this guy goes nuts. He goes on a rampage killing every raccoon he could find. It was horrible! I write a longer, more in-depth, piece about this experience in my book, Zen: Tales for the Journey, if you’re interested. Everything about that experience was repulsive. It was truly traumatizing.

Why does anyone want to kill poor wild animals like deers and raccoons or any other helpless animal that has no chance against a gun? Everything about that process just seems wrong!

I guess it all come down to the question, what reality are you living? What reality were you taught to live? What reality do you teach your children to live? And, how does that reality shape the mind of society? How does it shape the all and the everything? Should killing ever be a game? And, where is your TRUTH if you kill for sport?

I’m sorry, killing on any level is just not right. And, if you kill for sport, if you use a gun against a helpless animals, what does that make you? A sportsman? I don’t think so. I believe the definition of you and your actions should be much more critical.

Think before you ever consider the killing of anything. And, I mean anything. Death is death and once something is dead it is never coming back. The killing of any life should never be something that you take pride in.