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The Hare Krishna Punk

I got the chance to watch the documentary about Poly Styrene yesterday. I was just flipping channels and came upon it when it was just starting on Showtime. I didn’t even know that they had made a documentary about her.
I think you would have really have had to have been a part of the early Punk and New Wave scene to know who she is. But, she was the singer for the first-wave band, X-Ray Spex. The band, based out of London, gave a truly unique flavor to the rising Punk scene.
The documentary is good in that it covers a lot of ground, not just her contribution to music, but it also details how, due to the fact that she was biracial, she encountered a lot of racism in her youth, being labeled by the derogatory term, “Half Caste.”
She was just about a year older than me, so we grew up in the same era, though her in London and me in L.A. Though there were some biracial people in the sphere of my youth, I never saw them as being demeaned for that fact. Though I did see and encounter a lot of racism. It was really everywhere back then, on all sides of the spectrum. Just watch movies from that era and it can easily be witnessed in blatant and subtle forms. And, I think that’s the problem, people, especially young people, look to find a way to pounce. They look for any weakness they can find as means for attack. Not good. But, that’s reality. Apparently, Poly Styrene encountered this.
Now, biracial is so common it is hard to look anywhere and not find it. Like I long ago realized, the human race is destined to become one race.
It also detailed her decent into mental illness. I thought that was an important segment because this is a subject that is so often hidden or sweep under the rug, as it is still such a taboo subject. Something that no one wants known about themselves and those on the outside wish to deny and not hear about.
The doc also went into her emersion into Krishna Consciousness, under the direction of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It seems that this was brought about, at least in part, due to her mental illness and her seeking that help and/or that Something More that particularity Eastern Spirituality promises.
I know I have met a number of people, throughout my years, who suffered from various levels of mental illness who desired to come into the fold of spirituality in hopes of finding help for their condition. Though I’m sure practices like meditation can help, but it is more the medically prescribed drugs that can lead to a more functional life.
Again, like Punk, if you weren’t there at that stage of history you probably will not understand the promise that walking down the road of Eastern Spirituality promised. Back then, spirituality was everywhere. It was constantly spoken about, especially in large urban centers. Of course, not everyone desired to follow that path, but if you had the inkling, you could defiantly find a guru.
Narrated by her daughter, who went through a lot of her own life-forming trauma, due to her mother’s antics, the doc really shows the life evolution and the consequences Poly Styrene instigated by what she chose to do based on the reality she was dealt.
Wow, I just realized this sounds like a movie review, which it is not. I don’t do that! Happy
I think the important take away from this doc is that each of us lives our life. We create what we create. Yes, some of us may gain some notoriety from what we do, but we all do what we do. In our doing, we affect the life of other people. Some even create the life of other people. What we choose to do affects the all and the everything of anyone who comes into contact with any of our doing. Thus, what we do not only affects us, (which is the only thing most people think about), but is also affects the all and the everything of the all out there.
You really need to think about this as you do what you do. Because what you do, whether knowingly thought out or not, has the potential to affect the lives of so many others; in either a positive or negative manner.
Most people don’t care what their doing does to others. They never think about the effect that they are unleashing. They only consider themselves and their own feelings. How about you? What are you thinking about right now? What did you think about yesterday? What are you going to think about later today? Are you only going to focus on you or how what you do will hurt or make everything in someone else’s life better?

We are all defined by our reality. We are all shaped by where we find ourselves in life. We are all created by the choices we make defined by the opportunities we are presented with. But, if all you think about is you, all you think about it is you. If all you think about is you, you do not care about anyone else. If you do not care about anyone else, all you will leave in the wake of your life is destruction based upon your self-involved selfishness. Is that who you are? Is that who you choose to be? Or, can you, at least for a moment, take the focus off of yourself and place it on the Out There where, by caring, you have the potential to help and make someone else’s something somewhat better?