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Award of Reward

Back in the day, in the long ago and the far-far away—probably many of you won’t even remember this, but websites used to get awards for just being in existence. If some-somebody liked what you were putting out there or you applied to the, “Webmaster,” of that Award’s Issuing Site, and they liked your Site, they would give you a little badge to put on your website. This site had a number of them.  In fact, at one point, this site had so many there was an entire page titled and devolved to, “Awards.” It all seems kind of stupid now. But hey, was Celebrity Link Certified and all that. Happy
Anyway, I was a member of this martial art organization back then and the webmaster of the organization’s site, seeing I was doing a site, asked me to be part of their Web Award’s Team. They gave out bronze, silver, and gold stars banners for MA sites. So, whenever a site was submitted the, “Team,” would look it over, pass on our recommendations to the Team Leader, and he may issue one of the award banners. All fine and good…
Sometimes, someone would get a bronze star when they thought they should have gold one and stuff like that. This one Hapkido teacher, that I knew down in Australia, wondered why he didn’t get a higher ranking. The reason was, there was a set of prescribed standards so it was not like we could just like a person or a site and award them a gold banner. The reason he received a lower ranking is coming right now…
Another thing that many of you, of this time and space, may not remember, is that a lot of sites would have a page or pages listed as, “Under Construction,” on them. As far as our award’s team went, this was a No-No.
One of the very profound things that the webmaster said to me, and I took it to heart, was that all websites are constantly under construction. They are continually evolving and changing, at least they should be. Thus stating, “Under Construction,” was a given and should never be used. A page would be there, or it was not. That was that. No, “Under Construction,” allowed. I totally agreed. I know this website has forever been in a state of ongoing evolution. But, sometimes, when someone puts something into words, it just makes that realization come in all that much clearer. It’s like Satori.
Anyway, I always hated giving people, or at least being part of the team, that gave people the bad news. Plus, I just do not believe that people (or websites) should be judged. Even back when I was teaching classes at the universities, I never gave my students tests. I never felt that testing was a good gage of acquired knowledge. In any case, by hook or by crook, I left all that website awards stuff behind.
All those banners, on all those sites, are no more. Though I imagine somewhere, on some floppy disk, I have their images embedded on a from a time gone past. Or maybe not?
In any case, this is the thing about life, you are in a constant state of evolution. Sometimes, at some stages of your life, what you are doing is judged and like by someone else. You may even be given an award. But, does that judgement, does that award, define who you are? No. It is simply someone telling you that they like who you are and/or what you’re doing. But, that does not change who you are, that does not make you a better person. It does not really do anything.
Your life is constantly evolving. Some choose to make this evolution a conscious practice to become a more, better something. Others just skate their way through life, doing whatever it is they do, with little thought or forethought. Whatever the case, evolution is a constant. You will evolve. You will change. Hopefully, you will at least attempt to make yourself that better something.
The days of the Awarded Websites are long gone. Does that make the websites that were, “Awarded,” any less? Does that make the websites that were never, “Awarded,” any more? No. You can allow yourself to be judged or you can allow yourself to be defined solely by your own standards. But, evolution is a constant, you are forever, “Under Construction.” So, you and everyone else just needs to embrace this truth, you do not need to state this predetermined fact.