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Watching Movies You Don’t Like

I was driving down PCH today listening to this radio program on one of the local NPR stations. Each Friday they do this film review segment. Sometimes it’s really informative because they periodically discuss movies that are totally under the radar; along with many of the mainstream releases. I’ve been pointed in the direction of a few very interesting films…

You know, during this time of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, with all of its lockdowns, etc., there has been a lot of talk of COVID fatigue. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for young students to be kept away from their friends, their group gatherings, their proms, their graduation ceremonies, and all that. Or, to have to learn remotely, especially if your family isn’t set up with highly functioning internet access. Or, to be one of those parents with your kids at home for months upon months. Or, the people who have lost their jobs because so many businesses have been forced to close and they don't have enough food to feed themselves or their family. Those people, and others, are the ones who are really paying a very high price for this China induced epidemic. But, as for me, my COVID fatigue has been watching bad movies…

Now, I’ve got access to so many stations and streaming services it isn’t even funny. Fios, Netflix, Showtime, Epix, Starz, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, you name it… But, what has really come to haunt me is how many bad movies there are out there. …At least movies I find to be bad. Sometimes, I scan the stations for an hour or more just trying to find something I’m willing to watch.

My lady isn’t like that. She can watch bad films. She is so much more forgiving than I. Whenever we are in our pods on one of those long international flights, she watches movie after movie. Once I’ve gone through a couple, I just lay back in meditative semi-sleep consciousness because I just don’t wanna see things I don’t wanna see.

The point to this little ditty is… So often, when I am listening to film reviewers, they just sit there and bag the movie they are reviewing. They hate
A LOT of the movies they have to watch. Me, I just can’t imagine that kind of life. How can you spend the hours of your days, (as few as those hours of life actually turn out to be), watching something that you hate? I mean, shouldn’t you only be doing things that make you happy as much as possible?

I get it; some people pay their rent by reviewing movies. Most people aren’t like that, however. Just look at the reviews of movies on the internet; how many people hate what they watch? If you hate it, why watch it? Even if you’re a professional reviewer, why watch something/anything you hate? If you don’t like it, turn it off! That’s what I do. Life isn’t a competition for watching movies you don’t like.

This has just been my thoughts on the subject… My advice, spend your Life Time doing things you like, watching things you appreciate, and living. Because, sitting in front of a screen, no matter how big or small that screen may be, and hating what you’re viewing is not a definition of a life well lived.