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When You Make a Milkshake

There are so many people doing so many things in this world. For each of them, what they are doing is All Important. What they are feeling is the only thing they are feeling. But, is what they are doing, what they are feeling, what they care about important to anyone else?

I was having breakfast yesterday; sitting in this outdoor courtyard. At least here in L.A., outdoors is the only place you can eat in restaurants right now due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. No indoor dining. But, that was fine, the weather was nice, the outdoor patio space of this restaurant was nice, and all was going along as it should.

While I was sitting there, I got a text from a friend of mine. Jokingly he said, “You’re birthday’s coming up, where do you want to go?” I smiled. I mean, my favorite cities in the world are Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Jerusalem. Any of those locations would have been fine. But, as I don’t hang with the Private Jet Set Crew and as COVID-19 cases are again rising all across the globe, equaling travel-restrictions, lock-downs, self-quarantines, and the like, so there is little chance I could go to any of those places. But, the question did make me smile.

I realized I was sitting there in the courtyard of the restaurant, surround by people. Each of them sat there eating and talking about their own melodrama. Each of them was living their own life, defined, at least in part, by what we are all defined by right now, COVID-19. Add to that all that other stuff that inhabits all of our lives.

I realized, I could have been anywhere. …Anywhere in the world. No matter where I found myself, people are all the same. They are all thinking about what they are thinking about. They are all focused on themselves and the people and the things they care about and the people and the things that are affecting them. But, for most, they are only focused on themselves. So, it was nice to realize that someone cared enough about me to hit me up with a text about where I wished I could be on my birthday, even if there was no way I could go there.