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Defending What is Yours AKA Everybody’s Everything

There has somehow become this belief that people should not be allowed to defend what is theirs. We have seen this in all of the recent protests leading to riots that have taken place. It seems, whenever someone steps up to defend what is theirs they are condemned for their action. But, if something belongs to someone shouldn’t they have the right to defend and protect it? Moreover, what has happened to the mind of modern society that they now believe they can simply take what they want even when they did nothing to earn it?

For anyone who has ever had anything stolen from them, they understand the emotional pain of this occurrence. For anyone who has ever had any unwanted violence unleashed on them, they know the pain of being attacked. Most people, even if they have not personally experienced one of these unwanted incidents, understands that taking what is not theirs is wrong, destroy someone else’s something is not right, hurting anyone should not be done. Yet, it seems, that there has been an entire culture born where stealing, hurting, and destruction is recognized as some sort of achievement.

Throughout history, those who have stolen have been condemned and punished. Now, though that style of consequence is still active, there is an entire cultural where it is respected. When someone is caught or taken to task for their stealing, damaging, destroying, or hurting, an entire throng of people come to their defense. Is that right?

At the essence of every person, at the crux of every culture is a sense of morality. An understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Certainly, this understanding evolves through time, but what is good, right, and honorable should not. Taking what is not yours should not be seen as right. Destroying what is not yours should not be condoned. Hurting, someone/anyone, on any level, should be condemned. Why is it not?

The problem has evolved in that mob mentality has been accentuated by social media. It is kind of like when the football team you like wins against the opponents you do not, there is a sense of excitement. But, why do you like that one football team? Why do you dislike the other? Do you ever contemplate this? Do you ever study your emotions and why you feel them? Do you ever ask yourself why do you allow you emotions to cause you to say what you say and to do what you do? If you don’t, you are living a life not defined by an enhanced sense of goodness, self-knowledge, and virtue. If this is the case, this is where a life defined by hurt and damage to others is unleashed.

Do you believe that someone else, someone that you do not know—that you never met, has the right to take what is yours? Do you believe that someone else has the right to damage your property? Do you believe that someone else has the right to hurt you? Most probably you do not believe that someone has the right to do any of those things to you. So, why do you or those people you know or support; why do they have the right to do it?

If you treat people the way you want to be treated all life becomes so much better. Don’t steal, don’t take what isn’t yours, don’t destroy, don’t hurt and think how much better everything becomes.

The world begins with you. The world begins with what you choose to do. Develop the mind and the mindset to do good.