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Sādhanā is the Sanskrit word that refers to refined spiritual discipline. It references the formalized practices that one must undertake to reach a higher state of consciousness.

How much time to you spend consciously refining your anything? How much time to you intentionally spend attempting to make yourself a better, more cultivated individual? The answer for most is that they spend no time at all. They do nothing that is focused on them becoming a more developed human being. Yes, they may go to school so they can get a good job. Yes, they may investigate and may learn how to do that something so that they can make more money. But, very few ever do anything that will lead to making themselves a truly illuminated being?

Why is that? Most probably because it is an abstract idea. Higher consciousness does not commonly lead to making more money, gaining more fame, getting more followers on social media. In fact, it leads to nothing. …That spiritual nothing that is so illusive. Because of this fact, very few possess the mind to perform Sādhanā.

For example, in the martial arts, I have known numerous people who really fall in love with the physical training. They train day in and day out. But, in the martial arts there is a goal; a higher belt rank that may lead to personal gratification, a sense of self-worth, more students, and thus more money and notoriety. That is a physical thing that a person is given the motivation to work towards. But, working hard towards making one’s self a better vehicle of enlightenment promises very little—very little at least in terms of the physical world.

Some people do make enlightenment the goal. From this, there are a very few who do work hard at Sādhanā. They meditate for long periods of time. They chant for hours. But, enlightenment is not a goal. That is why so few people ever truly understand it. And, that is why it is the most illusive element of human consciousness. It is not a thing. It is not a place. It is not something that can be worked for and then earned. It simply is.

If this is the case, some may ask, why perform Sādhanā at all? Why? Because consciously becoming that something more refined not only makes the individual a better person but it makes them a more positive conduit for the betterment of everything. It makes them a vehicle to make everything and everyone just a little bit better.

Ask yourself, “What do you think about?” Ask yourself, “What do you do to make yourself a better person?” Ask yourself, “Do you care enough about the everyone out there to formally do something that will cause you to increase your consciousness, thereby limiting your selfishness, your unthinkingness, and your negative actions, thereby leaving everything and everyone just a little bit better?”

Sādhanā is not just about someone doing something. It is not a selfish, self-thinking act. Sādhanā is a person caring enough to work towards making themselves that something better so that everything can exist in a space of betterment.

How about you? What spiritual practices are you willing to undertake to make everything just a little bit better?