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Forty on the Run

This morning they were showing a story about how forty cows had broken out of a meat packing facility in one of the suburbs of L.A. Cameras followed the cows as they charged down the street that was lined with houses. It was almost beautiful, these cows that were on their way to becoming hamburgers, they got out of a gate that an employee had left open. They were free!

I believe I actually knew someone who worked at that meat packing facility a number of years ago. He was one of the fraternity of people that hung out at my friend’s musical instrument repair shop back in the day. The main reason I took note of him was that unlike all the heavy metal masses that frequented the place, he, like I, was into the Sisters of Mercy. I always wondered how he could do a job like that. …The blood, the guts, the meat, the smell. But, that was him, not I.

But, the cows running down the street, it was beautiful. I mean, you could just see how alive they are. They are life. Life, that most everyone of you out there, never thinks about when you are eating your hamburgers or your steaks. That piece of meat you are putting into your mouth was alive. It wanted to live. It wanted to be free. Show it a gate and it will be gone. It would not have chosen to die just so you can enjoy its taste.

At the end of the report they were talking about thirty-eight of the cows had been recaptured. One had to be shot, and one is still on the run. Good for him/her. But, the fact is, yes, they recaptured them and they may already have been killed by now. But think about it, how sad is that? Just a moment ago they were running through a neighborhood seeking only to be free; to be alive. All life is precious.