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Content in the Obscure

I don’t know the why or the wherefore of the reason, but over the last couple of years I have been contacted by a lot of people who want to reissue the movies I own the rights to via their distribution companies. I’ve talked a bit about this of late, in this blog, as it seems to be happening more and more. Again, why? I have no idea. I see DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS as dead art forms—a forgotten language. Yet, people keep coming at me. My answer is always, “No.”
Yesterday, I noticed that someone was selling these, “Bootleg,” copies of Roller Blade Seven, and a two DVD set of Roller Blade and Roller Blade Warriors on eBay. I use the term, “Bootleg,” because that is what they actually had displayed on their DVD cases. They had even retitled RB7 as Roller Blade Warriors 3. Okay???
Anyway, I contacted the seller asking about their quality and about a package price for both, as I had never seen these, “Bootlegs,” before and, as such, I thought about adding them to the Zen Filmmaking collection. But BAM, no answer and they were gone. I don’t know if eBay took them down due to their No-Bootleg policy or if the guy pulled them down as he was freaked out by being contacted by me??? But, they are on there no more.  
But, now I know that they do exist. Some one/some company out there, in the ethos, had taken the time to dup those movies, create box art and the like, and put them up for sale. Of course, they didn’t ask my permission, give me any money from their sales, send me a copy or anything… But, there they are, out there for the world to see.
Now, I obviously have my problems with this. …Being on the creative end and all… You know, intellectual property rights and all that… But, I can appreciate someone taking the time to care enough about those to movies to dup and package them for sale. Though I have no idea who would buy them? And, since it is was all already done, I wouldn’t mind owning a copy.
….I guess this is in the PS department, but if you’ve got a copy, hook me up…
On another note: I got sent an email, via one of my on-line whatever’s… I’m surprised it even made it to me or that I read it. But, I did.  Anyway… The guy, (I’m guessing it was a guy), wanted to know if I had any better-quality reproductions of this one movie.
I really rarely read the e-mails that I get. I just skim them at best and then delete. Nothing personal, but I virtually never response. So, if you do get a response from me, that’s fairly unique.
Anyway, I think he was also trying to sell me his services to clean up the film. You know, they have those programs that upgrade the overall broadcast quality of older, stolen, or bootlegged films. I’ve got a couple of those programs myself, so I don’t need any help in that area. But, more to the point, and I guess to the purpose of this ditty, I don’t use them. I don’t like them. I love the grainy ambiguity of a film shot some time in the past.  And, even more to the point, and one of the main reasons I turn down all the provocateurs of this next wave of re-released cult movies, my films deserve to remain in the realms of the obscure. They have earned their status as, “Lost,” in the land of the known unknown. So, all the promises these people make to me do just the opposite of what they were intended. You are not offering me enough money to change my life to any vast degree and, besides the fact that I don’t believe anyone really cares about these films, (which is a good thing), they are all very content in the abode of the obscure. Just let them Rest In Peace.