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New Ideas

Where do your new ideas come from?

Do you ever spend any time cultivating new ideas?

For some, new ideas pop into their brain all the time. For others, new ideas are far and few between. What is the cause of this? It is the person’s own fault?

Life is a pathway of newness. Every day is new and different. Yes, for many of us, we may encounter similar things day in and day out but there is uniqueness is all things life. The same can be very different. You simply have to look for the differences. Do you?

This is the same with inspiration. Are you seeking new and insightful inspiration? Are you looking for that new revelation?

Many people lock themselves into sameness. Some do this from a very negative life perspective while others just give up. In either case, no new newness is found. It is not found, as it is not allowed to enter the mind.

For others, they encounter life with their eyes and their mind open. They hope to see new things. They want to experience new insight. It is a choice.

A choice is what sets the foundations for you allowing new ideas to come to your mind. …Your choice to open up and let them in.

New ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere—they can be instigated by virtually anything or any life experience. You simply have to be open to them.

So, here’s the exercise: STOP, sit quietly, close your eyes, look into your mind, what do you see? What is there? Don’t judge. Simply experience. What do you see when you look into your mind? Define it.

Once you have done that part of the exercise, question, what do you want to experience in your mind? Know what you are seeking. Everyone wants some type of inspiration. Everyone’s is different. What is yours?

At this point stop attempting to demand it. Just sit quietly for a time and let it naturally come to your mind. Don’t judge, don’t control, simply allow new ideas to come to your mind.

Some of these new ideas you may like. Some you may not like. But, never hate yourself for allow them to come to your mind because from them you may gain new insight into who you truly are and what is the true definition of your life but they may also creatively inspire you to take the next step in the evolution of your life.

Inspiration and new ideas can come to you at any time, at any place. You simply have to be open minded enough to allow them in. Then, it must be you, who takes the initiative to put them into play.

If you allow inspiration to be an integral part of your life, new ideas—new inspiration will come to you all the time. Consciously allow this to occur.

Life is always new. Life is forever changing. Allow yourself to become a part of this process and new inspiration(s) will forever be your guide.

Don't turn off the inspiration.