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How Much Do You Think About What I Think About?

In life, we are each damned to the condition of being locked into our own mind. Meaning, we are who we are. We think what we think. Though time, life, study, and experiences we each become a unique personification of what we could or should become but are we ever allowed to move free from our own mind?

Some people, particularly when they are in love, truly think about that other person. They listen to what they have to say. They try to embody their suggestions. And, they do all they can to make that other person’s life better. But, how few are the people who behave like this? How few are the people that ever step outside of themselves—outside of their own mind to actually focus their thoughts on that someone else? Mostly, all life is defined by a person who is locked into their own mind and only thinking what they think and doing for themselves.

For each of us, we listen and we learn from the people we choose to listen to and learn from. Okay… But, how does that change anything for anyone except the person doing the listening and the learning?

Most people are very willing to take. They are willing to take the knowledge someone else speaks, as long as they like what they have to say. They are willing to receive any gifts that are offered but what are they willing to give? Most people never think about any of this. Why? Because they are so lost in their own mind that they never take the time to step outside of that mind. They never take the time to question what they can give back. What this leaves us with is the world as the world is. …A world lost in the individual mind.

Throughout the East and even in some Western philosophic traditions it is spoken about that, “We are all one.” But, are we? No. We are all our individual mind. Yes, some people care more about others than someone else. Yes, some people take other people’s feelings and thoughts more into consideration than do others. But, that is just them doing what their mind wants them to do.

So, what does this leave us with? It leaves us with you. What do you think about? Who do you think about? What do you do for those people and things that you think about? Or, is all that you do focused upon you?

I say it all time, this is world is created by you. You could make it a better place. You could help and do positive things for the people and things that you think about. But, will you?