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China Rules the World

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic I have question, “Why is no one mad at China?” Here in the U.S. people are mad at our politicians. Some are mad because the politicians are making people wear masks. Others are mad because the politicians have shut down businesses in hopes of keeping the virus from spreading. Others are mad at the politicians because they believe that they have not done enough and perhaps they have become sick or one of their family members has died. But, none of this is the fault of the politicians in the U.S. They are just trying to figure things out as best as they can. It is the fault of China! But, where is the focused anger on China? They are the ones, who due to their unsanitary condition in a wet market, exposed the entire world to this disease.

There is no one in this world that has not been affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. For some, it has been small. For others, it is has been much larger. People have lost their jobs. People have lost their businesses. People have lost their health. Many, across the globe, have died. And, we will never know the true number of deaths for in places like India (and China) the true numbers are not even calculated and revealed. Plus, this pandemic is nowhere close to being over. More devastation, destruction, and death is to come.

According to the news today, one American dies every forty-three seconds from COVID-19. We didn't create this disease—it was not formulated in the United States. Yet, our people are dying from it, as are people across the globe. Why is no one mad at China? Why is no one taking China to task for having taken control over the entire world?

We are told that a vaccine is soon to be released. But, what will be the impact and the cost of that vaccine to the human body and to life on the whole? No one knows! It is all just speculation. Plus, keep in mind, the promised vaccine is thought to be ninety percent effective that means that one in ten people can still contract the virus after they have received the vaccination.

Ever since I first traveled to China I knew that they would become the World Power. Why? Because they have a massive population that is scared to death of their government. They do what they are told and when they don’t, look out. Even with some of the integration of New Culture and enchased person wealth that has been somewhat adopted since the 1990s in China, the essence of the people are the same. They operate from a position of fear. Look at the people who have rebelled. What has happened to them?

As I have said in the past, if some country did this intentionally to the U.S., Europe, Russia, or wherever, it would have lead to war. But, no one has done anything. They have given China a pass. But, it is their fault! They have destroyed the lives and have killed many. No one has not been affected by COVID-19. Why can't the people who caught the disease, why can't the people who lost loved ones due to the disease, why can't the people who's lives were ruined by the disease sue China for compensation?

So, when you look around at the condition of your life—the way you are currently living your life, remember who is to blame. It is not your politicians; they are trying the best that they can. This is the fault of China. China is in control of the world. China rules the world. They are the ones that you should focus your anger upon.