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Have you ever had the experience where you wake up after having a really good dream. Maybe you were living your best life in that dream, maybe you were having a lot of fun in that dream, whatever… Whatever the case, in that dreamland, all was great. But, then you wake up and all you can think about is how good everything was in that dream and how things are not so great in the all and the everything of your real life.
Have you ever tried to go back to sleep and reenter that perfect dream space? I have. But, it never worked. At least not for me. At best, when I went back to sleep, I dreamed another dream.
There has been lots of discussions and a lot writings created around the subject of dreams, and what they truly mean, over the centuries. In this modern era, there have been scientific studies done on dreams. But, no one has really come up with any concrete answers. At least not yet.
I’m not going to go into a deep discussion about the spirituality of dreams or anything like that, except to say, that in many Eastern traditions life is considered to be a dream. It is called, “Maya,” illusion. It is taught that everything we live is a dream, an illusion, and to enter into the true space of reality and absolute consciousness one must shun all that one sees and experiences in their waking mind.
I believe, this idea is very dangerous, however, as there are some people who do not possess the ability to transcend into a higher state of consciousness and not become lost in insanity. For, in fact, is there really very much of a difference?
What we ALL have is an accepted reality. We may not necessarily like it, but this is what it is. This reality is all we have.
Sometimes, while living in that reality, we go to sleep and there we encounter a better life-space, but it only lasts for as long as we are asleep. Though it feels really good. But, we wake up and it is gone.
We can’t go back there. We can’t re-find that reality. So, what does it really mean? Answer: It is in only a momentary drug from the drudgery of our common existence?
In your fantasies, you live out all of these life-plays, productions, and melodramas that only exist in your own mind. While you are lost in a fantasy, it may feel very really. But, you are awake, and you know it is not. You may hope for that fantasy to become a reality, but have any of your fantasies ever eventually played out into your reality in the same way as they were envisioned in your mind? Probably not.
The thing is, all of this stuff is just Mind Junk. Sure, we may feel better for a moment while we are lost in a dream or a fantasy, but we wake up and they are gone. How lost do you wish to become within something that you cannot hold onto? It’s just like a drug. You take it, you feel good, then it wears off and you have a hangover. Knowing this fact, did that drug truly make your life any better?
So, we all live what we live. We all dream when we are asleep. Most of us fantasize, at least from time to time. But, beyond all that, we are stuck with the true reality we are living within. Meaning, you can lose yourself all you want: in your dreams, in your fantasies, or with drugs. But, sooner of later you are going to wake up or sober up. Then, what?
Knowing these facts, what we each must do is to make our true reality as positive and livable as possible. If you can choose to live and choose to accept your common reality as your fantasy or your dreamscape then you will have achieved the best hope for your life.
In this understanding, there is a simplicity of wisdom. But, some people choose to stretch their dreams too far. They fantasize about a life that they can never truly live. Thus, they are forever dissatisfied. How about you? Where do you find Your Self in your dreamed of reality?
The simple answer is to dream small. Live what you know you can live. Desire what you know you can achieve. From this space of consciousness, it is easy to live a life where your dream becomes a reality.