Scott Be Positive

When You’ve Blown It

Easy Rider is certainly one of the greatest movies ever made. It is a cinematic masterpiece. Near the end of the film there is that great moment when Peter Fonda’s character looks at Dennis Hopper’s character and says, “We blew it.” Realizing that they had the chance to live something great and maybe even achieve some greater good, reach some higher goal, but they did not. I believe in everyone’s life there is that moment when we each realize that we blew it. We should have taken one road, but, instead, we took what we realized was the wrong one. We should’ve veered left, but we turned right. We should have embraced a relationship with this person, but we did not. We shouldn’t have been in a relationship with that person, but were. I’m sure some of my old girlfriends feel that way about me. And, the list goes on. In any case, we believe that we made the wrong decision. Sometimes these realizations happen right away, other times they occur years down the line. But, I do not believe that any of us is not left with the thought that we blew it at some point in our life.
Some people are very good about living in denial. They fill their time with work, family, fun, and/or whatever else it is that takes their mind off of their own truth. Others, believe that it all happened for a reason. But, did it? Is that a universal truth spouted from the mouth of some grand sage or is that just another form of denial?
Others just don’t care. They especially don’t care if the wrong turn they made hurt someone else. But, that is just selfishness and hurtful, delusional behavior. There is nothing right in that mindset.
No matter how hard we all try to fight it, in life we are going to make mistakes and we are going to realize that we blew it. Then what? What are you going to do to rechart that life event or to fix that mistake?
The fact is, we can never go back. We can never relive any life moment. Yes, we can chase after it. We can try to redo it. We can track down some person and try to undo what was done. But, what was done then, was done. A decision was made and that is that. Now, what?
It’s essential to realize that what was offered to us once, most likely will never come our way again. Good or bad, that’s the fact. Even if we are in some way able to recreate a moment or rekindle a relationship, what was then is not what is now. Again, now what?
Some people spend their entire life living in a state of regret, thinking about that wrong choice that they made. Most are not like that, however. That is not to say that most of us do not periodically ponder the what should have been/the what could have been, if only…  But, all we are left with is what we are left with.
Take a moment, think about that time that you, “Blew it.” What choice did you make? Why did you make that choice? And why, after the fact, did you realize it was the wrong choice to have made? Really think it through.
Imagining what would have been, "If only,” is just a fantasy, as you can never really know. So, don’t get lost in that. But, what about now? What about where you find yourself in life at this moment? What can you do to live this moment to the best of your ability? What can you do right here, right now to make your today and your tomorrow better so that you will not feel like you blew it and maybe even take away some of the regret from that time when you feel that you made that wrong choice?
Think it through. Do something Right. Do something Positive. Make a Good Choice that will be regret free.