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The Vision of Shangri-La

I was sitting out on my patio last evening, looking out over the ocean and sipping a cup of tea, as I like to do. The sun had already set but its rays still etched the colors of red and orange onto the horizon. The rest of the sky was grey as the night was coming on.

Up, over to my left, I could see what they are calling, The Christmas Star. An occurrence that has not happened for eight hundred years where Jupiter and Saturn closely aligned. I took out my binocular and checked it out. I know a lot of the people I have on the peripheries of my life were all into this occurrence—seeing all kinds of spiritual and energy ramifications, but I didn’t really feel a flux in anything.

In any case, I was sitting there, enjoying the evening, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a shooting star. It really surprised me because the sky was not yet dark and aside from the Christmas Star, there weren’t really any other stars that could be seen in the sky.

I know when you see a shooting star you are suppose to make a wish. At least that is the old wives tale. So, that thought did cross my mind. But, I realized, I didn’t want to waste my wish. Right there, in that moment, everything was okay.

You know, we all wish something in our life was different. Certainly, I have a long list of things that I would like to change and improve. I have things, situations, and people that cause my life to be less than perfect—at least less than perfect in my mind’s eye. So, if I wanted to pull out a wish from my long list, I could. But, every now and then, if we can let go and relax, seek nothing more than what we have, sit back into the perfection, we can actually embrace a small dose of Satori. We can actually feel the perfection of the perfect moment. Sure, if we want to focus on what is wrong with our life we can find the flaws. But, if we let go, sit back, relax, look out onto the horizon, take a sip from our cup of tea, we can each experience the experience that all is well with our world.