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Interrupting Your Evolution

There is the Sanskrit word, “Sadhana.” This term is used to describe a person’s, “Spiritual Practices.”

A person’s sadhana is a personal pathway of focused evolution. It is a person choosing to enter a pathway and then become a more perfect representation of themselves by doing whatever techniques are necessary to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is a personal evolution.

Sadhana is not about what someone else is doing. Sadhana is not about your admiration, your envy, or you distaste for what someone has done. Sadhana is about you focusing your energy, discovering your pathway, and then personally working to become that better you.

Most people do not practice sadhana. They do not attempt to become the better person they can be. They lock themselves in a mindset of believing that what they are is all that they can be or they set their sights on achieving what is worldly-obtainable. But, this mindset has nothing to do with psychological or spiritual growth.

Many people also place their focus outside of themselves. Some do this is the form of enhanced admiration or the worship of what some other person has achieved. Though not necessarily a bad thing, this mental focus keeps one from truly achieving what they may achieve.

The other side of this coin is, many people place their focus on other individuals in a negative fashion. Due to their own predetermined projections, they judge others by some negative method. They criticize others. But, as I have long said, if you are thinking about or speaking about anyone else, in any matter, all you are doing is shifting the focus from yourself. You are attempting to keep you or others from seeing the flaws in you and your character by calling out those you believe are harbored in someone else. Moreover, by doing this, you are providing yourself with a reason to not work on yourself and do sadhana.

Your life will ultimate be defined by what you do with your Life Time and what you become. But, what is it that you have set your sites on becoming? Do you care enough to cause yourself to enter a life pathway of spiritual evolution or do you choose to take the drug of thinking and defining who you think is good and/or who you believe is bad so you will not have to truly look at who and what you are and why you behave as you behave and do what you do?

As long as your mind is focused outside of yourself, for whatever reason, you are not focused on becoming a better version of you. You are not performing sadhana.

Most people don’t. Most people do not seek to become a better internal being. Most people do not seek to correct their sins. At best, they pray or go to church to ask for forgiveness. But, how does that repair a sin? How does that cause them to become a better anything? If you want to become the better/the best you, you need to work at it. To work at it, you need to focus on what is wrong with you and what you need to improve. By placing your thoughts outside of yourself, you will never reveal the better you.

In fact, many of the so-called teachers out there, teach simply as a means to show their, “All-Knowingness.” Though they may have learned this word or that term. Though they may have learned how to teach a certain set of techniques. Though they may be able to debate the, “Rightness,” of their philosophy. Though they may even hold a degree from a seminary, none of that necessarily makes them an ideal example of who they could become and/or provide them with a true reason to listen to what they have to say. In fact, the one who stands on the pulpit is more common simply locked in a state of ego and is not the one who is the true teacher.

There are many pathway to becoming a better you. But, if you do not turn off all of the outside focus and Mind Junk you will never discover the person you can truly be.

Your choice; thinking about and talking about all that is the Out There. Or, become a ray of light in a sea of darkness by become the best you that you can be. But, if you don't focus on and find a pathway of you becoming the better you that you can become, all you will be left with is that ALL that never was.