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The Higher Self and The Lower Self

People always discuss that in each of us there is the Higher Self and there is the Lower Self. I am sure, like I, when you were a child you used to watch cartoons where there was a devil on one shoulder whispering into a person’s ear and on the other shoulder was an angel. In simple terms, which one do you listen to: the angel or the devil? And/or, do you even care?

I would say that most people pass through their life and never truly analyze the decisions that they make, leading to the actions that they take. They just do, inspired by whatever thoughts may be guiding them at any specific moment in time.

Ask yourself; do you follow your Higher Self? Moreover, are you even in contact with your Higher Self? If you are, what does that mean? Who and what is your Higher Self?

We obviously all know what is right and what is wrong; what is good and what is bad. But, how often does that knowing stop you from doing what you do? How often do you even contemplate the ramifications of your actions prior to taking them?

Sure, we all make mistakes but most people never realize the mistake until it has been made—they never acknowledge a mistake unless they are forced to do so. But, if you were listening to our Higher Self than wouldn’t you not have made that mistake—wouldn’t you not ever make mistakes?

Take a moment right now; contemplate these questions: Do you actually seek out your Higher Self? Do you develop a relationship with your Higher Self? If so, how often are you guided by your Higher Self verses how often do you allow your Lower Self to take control over you?

Right now, where is your life and what are you doing? Did you arrive at this moment by following your Higher Self or did you arrive here by following your Lower Self?

It is very easy to know if you are following the path of your Higher Self. All you have to do is to look at your life. How much chaos is in your life verse how much peace, happiness, and contentment do your feel on a continual basis?

Again, most people don’t care about their Higher Self. But, if you do—if you hope to become the Best, most Positive You that you can be, take the time to find out exactly where your Higher Self dwells within you. Get to know it. Listen to it. Let it guide you. From this, not only will your life become better but so too all the lives of all the people you interact with. Become the better you. Find, develop a relationship with, and listen to your Higher Self.