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Can You Remain Sane While Living with a Crazy Person?

It has long been noted that who you associate with will come to be a dominate factor in the things that you will do and where your life will end up. For this reason, people are often reminded that they should not hang out with a certain type of individual. In fact, there are many cases when people are told not to associate with a specific individual. Though this is the case, think about how many people end up hanging out with, being with, and even living with someone who is not of a positive or sound mind. How about you?

People come together for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes someone is attracted to another individual. Sometimes it is the, “Bad Boy,” or the “Bad Girl,” persona that draws a person in. Sometimes it is simply a fact a life; you have a family member or someone you must associate with and/or live with to make ends meet. Whatever the case, some people end up being in the company of another person or persons who is simply insane. They do crazy or bad things and then the person who is in their company comes to be influenced and under the control of their actions.

Think about your own life, have you ever associated with someone who did bad things? Do you do bad things? Think about your own life, have you ever associated with a person who is notably, “Not Normal,” and does things that are against the accepted ways of the world. How about you? Are you like that?

The fact is, we can all feel sympathy for people who have a mental illness. Some people seek out and receive the help they need to at least come to control this condition, while others do not. They are allowed to live a less than normal lifestyle oftentimes at least accepted, if not enabled, by the person or persons they are living with?

Again, how about you? Do you fit into this calculation on any level? And, if you do, are you honest with yourself about the role you play?

The thing is, the people we associate with come to be one of the most guiding factors in our life. Whether we hang out with a person intentionally or not is almost not even the defining factor. What is the defining factor is that they are in our life.

Take a moment and think this through. Think about someone who came into your life and sent you down a pathway that you later regretted or caused you to do something that you wish you had not done. Why did that happen? Answer: Because that person was in your life. If they were not then that, “Whatever,” would not have occurred.

Here’s the thing, if you surround yourself with negative or mentally ill people that will come to be the definition of your life. Why? Because they will not only be the person who is causing you to do what you do but they will be the one causing you to feel a specific set of emotions that you would not be feeling if they were not in your life. Thus, they come to be the defining factor of your life.

Here’s the question, “Can you remain sane while living with a crazy person?” The answer, “No, you cannot.”

Whomever you surround yourself with comes to be the defining factor of your life, it is as simple as that. They will be the one who causes you to do what you do and feel what you feel. So, what are you going to do about this?

Most of us are not defined by living with a person who is dominated by mental instability. Most of us are not defined by living with a person who is dominated by hurtful negativity. But, there are a lot of people out there who are.

As in all cases, life is a choice we make. For the mentally ill, they can realize their condition and work to get the help they need or they cannot. Their choice. For those in association with that level of person, they can choose to be in association with them or not. Their choice.

Life is a choice. And, you do have to make a decision. You can be insane, you be in association with those who are insane, or you can be/become mentally healthy. What are you going to do? What style of life will you live? And, who are you going to choose to associate with? Your life, your sanity…