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What You’ve Done Can’t Be Undone

Pretty much every movie you see, every TV show you watch, every book you read, and every story that is told to you is based, at least in part, on the fact that someone did something wrong to someone else. This is the reality of life.
Right now, take a moment and think about something someone did to you that was not right, that hurt you, hurt your life, hindered your life evolution, and/or caused you to feel pain. Really think through this. Did they do what they did on purpose? Or, was it an accident? Once it was done, what did they do after the fact? Did they deny what they had done? Did they lie to cover up the fact of what they had done? Did they justify their actions? Did they run and hide from you? Did they just not care that they had hurt you and maybe even took pride in what they had done?  Or, did they try to fix it? Again, really think your way through this life event.
Now, and more importantly, think about a time when you did something that hurt someone else. Maybe it was something you said, maybe it was some action you took, maybe it was an accident. Whatever it was, bring that life event clearly into focus in your mind—something that
you did that hurt someone else. Why did that event occur? Was it you trying to hurt them? Was it you being mad at someone and you reacted in a hurtful manner? Was it you not paying attention to the feelings of anyone else, thinking only about yourself, and you did what you did with no foresight?  Go through this. Really chart this out. Find and articulate the reason why you hurt someone.
Once this action that you did was taken, what did you do next? Did you deny that you did it? Did you lie to protect yourself from the repercussions? Did you take pride in the fact that you possessed the ability to hurt someone else? Or, did you attempt to fix it?
The aftermath of all thing’s life is what defines a person’s life. What a person does after the fact is what comes to define them, their life, and their life legacy.
What is your life legacy? Are you still reeling from the pain someone else caused you? Is someone else still reeling from the pain you caused them?
Here’s a fact, as long as the pain that was unleashed is not deal with, it will hurt forever. This goes to the receiver of the pain and it, more importantly, goes to the giver of the pain.
What have you done about the pain you have received? Really, what have you done to make it better?
More importantly, what have you done about the pain you have unleashed? If you have done nothing, nothing has been done. Thus, that pain remains in play forever and ever. If that pain is in play for ever and ever, it will forever be the definition of your life, as that is how you will be remembered. And, no bad deed ever goes unpunished.
The person who denies or lies or takes pride in any pain they have unleashed is a bad person. It is as simple as that. Are you a bad person? Do you take pride in the pain you have unleashed? Do you lie to others and to yourself about the hurt you have instigated? If you do, what do you believe will be the end-result of that?
Pain travels to where pain was instigated. Hurt finds its way back to its source. Look at your life. Look at your life and how it has been lived. What pain have you encountered? What pain have you instigated? What is the next wave that will impact your life based upon the pain that is being encountered or unleashed from your mind right at this moment?
At the end of your days, the pain you have felt and, particularly, the pain you have unleashed will be found to be one of the primary factors of your life’s definition. What is your life definition?
Unrectified pain is the source of what is to come next. With this as an essential understanding, what will happen next in your life?
Make a choice and solve the predicament of pain.