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There used to be a lot of hits on the Biography and FAQ pages of my website. Now, that has greatly diminished. I guess everyone knows who and what I am. Or, maybe they just no longer care. That might be the best thing.

A lot of people used to talk shit about me on the various posting sites on the internet. Some even did elaborate presentations. But, of all of those people who talked the shit, not one of them had or has ever met me. So, how can/could they know anything about me? Just trolls or people that wanted to make a name for themselves by using my name. Though some of those things are still up and out there, that kind of stuff has also diminished. Again, maybe people just no longer care. AOK with me. What I do is what I do…

Magazines and newspapers used to ask to interview me all the time. Do those things even exist anymore?

My entire life has been lived and defined by the abstract and the alternative. The stories I could tell you… But, even in the stories I have already told you, nothing about my existence was ever normal. Some may view that as good or artistic or something??? Me… I don’t know… Living like that/this is not easy.

My school years were nuts—living where and how I did. My high school, I went to the
then very progressive Alternative School of Hollywood High School. It was much more set up and structured like the graduate division of a University than a high school. That was a good things; I guess? As my life by that point was so nothing about high school that if I had not attended a school set up in that fashion I, most highly, would not have graduated; which would not have been a good thing. Then, I would not have been able to go to college. …Which/where post by B.A. and my first stint in Grad School was also structured in and by the Alternative. I avoided traditional schools. Good or bad, that was my younger years.

My art: martial and otherwise was also abstract. Though my martial arts training was based in the traditional—for years upon years upon years. But, I saw the flaws in all that. Being at the center point of martial arts evolution in its early(er) years in the U.S., I saw a lot of the shortcomings of organizational structure—something that if you were not there, you could never understand. There was and still is a lot of bullshit that went on and goes on. It truly makes one ponder that if there were no rank and/or school, style, or organizational pride polluting the systems of self-defense how much better the all and the everything of the martial arts could be.

Art: painting, film, music, writing, and otherwise, forget about it… If you don’t get it you will never get it. You just can’t force people to understand art.

The reason I’m saying all this is, look to yourself—look to your own life… Where do you find yourself in the spectrum of reality? Where do you find yourself within the boundaries of normal? What created who and what you are and why?

Many people look outside of themselves. They don’t want to look within. They want to place their focus outside of themselves. With this, they do not have to take a look at who and what they truly are. This is why sports are so popular. This is why Reality TV is so popular. This is why sites like TMZ thrive. People want to take the drug of OUTSIDE.

How about you? Who are you? Truly, who are you? Do you know? Are you honest with yourself? Are you truthful with yourself about why you do what you do? Do you ever even ponder any of this?

Life… Your life is wholly defined by your existence. Your existence is defined by what you choose to do with your time. What are you doing with your time? How is what you are doing with your time affecting you, your life, and you’re legacy? And, how is it affecting the anyone, the everyone else?

If you don’t take the time to study this… If you don't take the time to question, study, and view how the outside world sees you and why… If you don’t take the time to know who you are and why you are… If you don’t contemplate the YOU that the world has created and the YOU that YOU have created, then what will your life have actually meant?

If you don’t know the definition of you, how can anyone else know the definition of you?