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Seeking Deeper Wisdom

One of the most common words used in Sanskrit to describe the concept of wisdom is, “Viveka.” And, one of the most pressing facts about wisdom is that so few people ever pursue it. This is why it is such a respected element of a person’s life and why it has come to define the life of so few. Ask yourself, “How much time do I spend each day seeking deeper wisdom?” The answer for most is, none.

Why is it that wisdom is such a respected commodity yet it is so rarely sought after? For most, I believe, this is due to the fact that there is no immediate pay off to finding or gaining wisdom. It is most probably not going to pay your rent and it doesn’t feel all that great. I mean, there is no big adrenaline rush associated with it. Thus, for most, it is put on the backburner of their life if it is ever contemplated at all.

The other problem with wisdom, and its acquisition, is that there is no clear pathway to its attainment. It is not like a university degree where you go to school for so long, take a certain amount of classes, and if you pass them, you get a diploma. Wisdom is much more abstract than all that.

Think about the people you have considered to have possessed wisdom. Why do you feel they were wise? What did they think? What did they do? And, why and how did they arrive at that position of being wise?

This is one of the first things that one must ponder if they ever hope to walk the pathway towards viveka. They must define and understand what wisdom actually is.

The thing about wisdom is, in association with no clear pathway to its achievement, there is also no great reward for its being had. Sure, sure, there are a few teachers and humanitarians who have become greatly respected for being considered to be in possession of wisdom but, in many cases, this being revered did little to make their life any better except in the cases of those who rose to great standing in some religious community where they were adorned with money and gratitude but is that wisdom at all? Or, is that someone simply riding on the wave of ego?

So, here’s the question, what does wisdom mean to you? Does it mean anything to you? Do you care about those who are wise? Do you spend anytime attempting to elevate your mind and your life understanding to a position of deeper wisdom? If you do, what techniques are you using? If you don’t, why not?

Yes, wisdom can just happened via life experience. But, more common than not, it does not occur unless someone sets about on a path where wisdom can truly be encountered. Though there are any number of pathways of gaining wisdom, it can never be truly held unless one is consciously walking upon that pathway and deliberately attempting to encounter a space of deeper knowledge.

The thing about life—the thing about the life of most people is they seek everything but wisdom; they desire everything but wisdom because wisdom has no big pay off. …At least not in terms of Life Stuff. But, a person who develops wisdom, though possible never being truly appreciated, is the one who understands. And, isn’t understanding the greatest good, the great goal of life?

If you seek wisdom, you may not get paid for it. But, if you hold wisdom, your understanding of life and reality should be payment enough.

Take a moment; define wisdom in your own mind. Define what it means to you. Delineate those you believe hold wisdom. Think about, can you be wise. If so, how are you going to walk towards one of life’s ultimate goals?