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Is That the Way a Christian Behaves?

Since the dawning of the modern world people have relied upon a set of standards to define human behavior. With the birth and the growth of Christianity people then had a scripture to rely upon to determine what was right and what was wrong in the way a particular person behaved. Behave correctly and you go to heaven. Behave incorrectly and you go to hell. Certainly, through time, this definition of behavior has evolved in its understanding but within the scripture there is a precise definitions of how a person should act in life and how they should treat others. But, how many Christians behave in that manner?

In this modern Western World a good percentage of people would consider themselves Christians. Whether formally practicing and worshiping or not, their cultural heritage, and their moral identity goes back to Christianity. From birth forward, this belief system and its code of conduct is programmed into the mind of many. But again, how many people behave in a Christian manner?

Christianity has a very defined set of rules about how one person should treat another person. But, aside from using these definitions when it becomes personally beneficial, very few people live by these standards.

Here in a city like Los Angeles life is very much defined by driving. And, a person commonly has to drive pretty far as this city is very spread out. As such, I often study human behavior and/or human compassion as I drive as the way people interact with one another on the road is very telling about how they behave towards other people in their life.

For example, I was driving on the freeway and I was transitioning from one freeway to the next. For some reason, a sweeper train had come to a complete stop just beyond the interchange. What this did was to cause the people who were attempting to transition, to come to a complete stop and try to find a way into the traffic flow of the other freeway. There I sat, with my turn signal on, trying to change lanes and merge but no one would let me in. They refused to allow one car to hinder their progression, even for a second.

I sat there counting and twenty-seven cars went by before one person finally let me in. That’s crazy! But, I think it is a very good calculation about the people who are good, caring, and Christian compared to those who are not; twenty-seven to one.

Driving in L.A. can be very challenging. People are always out for themselves. Like I often say to myself and sometimes even out loud when some driver is behaving very unthinkingly on the road, “There’s other people in this world.” But, they don’t care. They are too involved in their conversation, playing with their phone, listening to the radio, thinking about whatever it is they are thinking about, or just being a zombie driver to care. They are locked in their own mind and only thinking about themselves. Is this the proper way to behave? Does this behavior make anything any better?

My lady tells me about one of her coworkers who admittedly will never let another driver come into her lane as she drives. She explains that this has caused other people to Road Rage at her, yelling, and even following her, all because she consciously choses to be inconsiderate. There she is, a devout Catholic, but is that the way a Christian behaves?

I always believe that the best thing any one can do is to be nice and be considerate. Take the other person in consideration. With that, all things get better and nothing gets worse, no matter what religion you do or do not follow.

Does it really make your life any better to not let another driver into your lane? Do you really get to where you are going all that much faster? Isn’t it better to leave a good feeling with all those people you encounter, even if your interaction is only for an unseen second?

Think about other people. Care about other people. Be considered to other people. Do this and everything becomes just a little bit better.