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The Big Lie

It’s kind of funny… Someone friended me on Facebook and as soon as I accepted they sent me this message, “Greetings would you like to join the Illuminati so you can be rich, famous, and wealthy and have a total life change forever. This is the first time in history, our organization is seeking for new member. Do you accept becoming a member.” I guess they don’t know that I already am a member of the Illuminati. Happy

So, here’s the story… For those of you who have cared enough to know anything about me, you may already know, but one of the paths I have chosen to follow was that I have passed from beginning to end within the Rosicrucian Order. I’m fully initiated all they way through. I can use F.R.C. after my name but I have never been one of those people into titles.

Though my tendencies have always leaned towards Eastern Metaphysics, I always felt that if you want to truly understand any tradition you really need to delve deeply and whole heartedly into that tradition. That’s what I did. I joined and fully passed through the various levels associated with the Rosicrucian and the Martinist Order.

Somewhere along the way, after being fully initiated, I received a document telling me that due to my devotion, (or whatever term they used), that I was now a member of the Illuminati. I guess some people would fall all over themselves if they got a letter like that. Me, it just kind of amused me. I have all that stuff somewhere. I’m not quite sure where it is or I would have quoted it to you exactly. But, looking for it is just too much of a problem, at least for the goings-on of the right now.

Illuminati, there is always this grand illusion associated with what that means and who is associated with such an all-powerful mystical group in control of the world. I mean, the rich and the powerful have always controlled the world. Nothing new there. But, there is that illusion that if you could join that group, everything about your everything would become better.

Last night, I watched one of the documentaries about QAnon. It talked about their belief that an all-powerful qabalah of Left Wing cannibalistic pedophiles have worked against the betterment of the Right Wing and all life in general. I won’t go into a long definition about QAnon here as I’m sure anything I may say someone would find fault in. So, if you want to know more, just look it up, information is all over the place.

Though I have studied deeply into this subject, watched several of the docs, and find the origins and the presentation of their all and their everything very-very interesting, hand-in-hand with this, yesterday was January 6th, the one year anniversary of the U.S. insurrection. From this, all I kept hearing on the TV and the radio were people referring to, “The Big Lie.” For those of you who may not know, what this refers to is the fact that many people believe that the last presidential election was stolen from Trump but the liberal media all call it, “The Big Lie.” Meaning, the people who believe this are wrong—they believe a lie.

I could not help but think what a great marketing tool that term is. That’s what marketing is, bringing an idea down to its most elemental level so you can sell it to the public. Now, whether you believe the election was stolen or not, is not even important, at least not important in regard to this marketing ploy. What somebody did was to come up with a great catch phrase that people can use to make the other side look stupid if they believe what they believe. Not right. But, think about it, how much of this style of marketing takes place all the time? Someone thinks of someway to attack the bliss of someone else and then they put it into a phrase that can be easily disseminated.

…Whether it is true or not does not even matter. They have a tool to separate the people.

Here in the U.S., the TV talking heads are constantly speaking about how divided the U.S. currently is. …That it is the most divided it has ever been throughout history. I don’t believe that. For example, think about the 1960s when the Vietnam War was raging and young Americans were dying for no reason—including one of my close family-members. Then, there was big division. There were protests all the time. Combine that with the fact that during this same period of time there was a racial and cultural revolution taking place. Then, the county was truly a divided mess.

But, then as now, the people who are talking about the division are the ones who are creating the division. Last night, the President of the United States in a speech attacked and insulted the former President. How wrong is that? The President of the United States of American should be more discerning than that. They should present a more refined image of themselves and the country to the world. Whether you love or hate the current or the former president, verbally attacking someone never makes anything any better. It just causes further anger and separation. How does that help? Moreover, how does claiming to believe in one thing while insultingly diminishing the beliefs of someone else make anything any better for anyone?

“The Big Lie,” is that the people who are using that terminology are creating the division—they are making things worse, they are making nothing any better.

But, as in all things life, there are always those people at the top of the food chain pulling the strings. Maybe they are the rich, maybe they are the powerful, maybe they are the cannibalistic pedophiles referenced by QAnon, maybe they are the Illuminati. Whoever they are, whomever they employ to come up with great catch phrases like, “The Big Lie,” all they do is to divide an already divided world. They create and worship the, “Haves,” while they diminish the everyone else. Power, Prestige, Wealth, and False Fame, you can keep it. I’d rather meet the world with a smile and try to make everyone’s everything just a little bit better with the small amount of help that I may be able to provide. Join the Illuminati; thanks but no thanks. Happy