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Jesus and Accolades After You’re Dead

There is certainly no other figure of modern history that has been discussed and worshiped more than Jesus Christ. For the past two thousand years no one else has been for the focus of more prayer, more war, or more belief than Jesus Christ. But, virtually all that happened because of and due to Jesus Christ happened after his assentation—after he left his physical body.

Except for the Bible, there is little else that anyone can turn to for a discussion of the life of Jesus Christ. Forget about the historic debate of Jesus, we will simply take the accepted historic understanding of Jesus Christ at face value.

Did Jesus live a good life? Well, no one really knows much about the life he lived up until the later stage of his physical existence. But, from that point forward was his life good? From a purely physical perspective, probably not. There was a lot of conflict and controversy surrounding him. Ending in his being put to death on the cross. A symbol that is today worn around the neck of millions of his followers.

From a Christian perspective, it is believed that Jesus is looking down on; guiding and protecting all of the believers. Millions pray to him for guidance on a daily basis. Even more worship him. But, when he was alive how many people were his followers? How many people believed in his teachings? How many people prayed to him? Very few, if any. Yet, today, he is the most worshiped deity on the planet. But, during his life, he personally, in his physical form, did not encounter any of that. He never knew, on a physical level, what it was like to be loved and revered by the people of his time period.

When someone is dead can they truly experience the love or admiration that other people have for them?

Have you notice that when someone passes away; maybe someone who did something nice for humanity, was a teacher, was very creative, or was well liked, all of sudden people get together and commentate them, maybe give them a posthumous award, or something like that? That’s all nice and everything… But, the problem is, that person is dead. They can’t really experience the love coming their direction or the giving of the givers. So, what does it all mean? Who is receiving the gift if the person the gift is intended for is not alive to accept it and appreciate it?

We all believe in who and what we believe in. We all like and respect who we like and respect. Some, perhaps even many of those people are no longer alive. So, what does our love and admiration for that person actually equal?

It is important that we begin to chart a better course for those people who are alive; those people who have helped us; those people we respect; those people who have influenced us; those people we like and/or love. We need to express our admiration while they are alive. We need to let them know that they are appreciated. We need to go out of our way, reach out a hand, and tell them, “Thank you,” by whatever method you choose to express that feeling.

When a person is dead, they are dead. Though they may be remembered, it is only when they are alive that they can truly interactively experience the fact that what they have done was like, appreciated, or helped to help someone in someway.

While they are alive, reach out to the people who have given your life something. Do what you can to make them know that you appreciate their existence. Do this before it is too late.