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Why Did No One Question?

As I have long discussed, I was student of Swami Satchidananda in my early years. For most who are not involved with Guru Culture, I don’t think they can truly understand Disciple Consciousness. Those who did not live it simple regard it as some, “Cult,” thing and/or a bunch of stupid people who are looking for a Father (or Mother) figure in their life. At least as far as I am/was concerned, none of that was the case. It was about (hopefully) being guided towards a greater understanding of Self and the Universe by someone who had walked the path prior to myself and had achieving deeper understanding of life and reality. For me, I learned and experienced a lot.

I have occasionally written about the good and the bad of my years studying with Swami Satchidananda and my interactions with other disciples, which ultimately caused me to leave the group. The thing that I always find the most interesting, (I did then and I do now), is how no one questioned certain obvious, “Things.” In fact, if I brought up the subject most of the other disciples were in complete denial about the truth of the obvious.

For example, let’s look at how Swami Satchidananda lived. While on the West Coast, he owned and lived in this beautiful house, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in Montecito, California. Montecito is known as one of the riches communities in California. This was a far cry from the monastic life he lived in India, or was it?

In this house, he did not live alone. He lived and traveled with this beautiful woman of (I believe) Hispanic (probably South American) descent who posed as his secretary. Now, this was not a super large mansion but probably a three-bedroom house. Let’s think about this for a moment. Here he is, “A Monk,” teaching that all of his disciples, unless they are married, should be celibate. A Monk, living in a house alone with a beautiful woman. Yet, no one questioned the what was going on.

I was luckily/blessed enough to have had a relatively close relationship with Gurudev as we called him. In fact, I helped to put in the Jacuzzi into his home. You cannot believe how the jaws of the disciples dropped when I told them how his consort had guided me and another disciple, the actual electrician, to use Gurudev’s personal bathroom to do our clean up. Again, you would have to be a part of Guru Culture to understand this blessing.

As I have detailed in the past, the other disciple, left the bathroom a mess. How rude! I spent most of my time in there cleaning up after him, just so we didn’t look bad. But, that’s a whole other story. The actual story is, Gurudev lived with a lady!

There was another disciple who knew and studied from Gurudev in India. The man was from the region in India where Swami Satchidananda ran an ashram. He spoke of personally seeing Gurudev being in association with women. I so remember this one time one of the Swami’s of the Order heard of this and went into complete denial about it. Me, I believed the man. Why would he lie? Again, the Guru lived with a lady!

So, here is the question, “Does the teacher have to live the teachings he teaches?” I don’t know. That is for each of you to decide and to define as you gage your own teachers. Question two, “Should a teacher be true in what he does and is doing?” I think so. But again, that is defined by personal definition.

You know, I learned and I gained a lot from my time with Swami Satchidananda and the Integral Yoga Institute. When I left, I kind of broke away expect for a couple times of going back to remember the, “What was.” As the years have gone on, however, I cherish those times more as they were a special part of my life and the people I interacted with truly helped me on my path.

Swami Satchidananda, as he passed later into his life, was accused of some less than, “Holy,” behavior in regards to women. True or not, I don’t know.

What happened to his then secretary, I also don’t know. What I do know is that it is you, the individual, who decides to learn and to grow from whatever teacher or teaching you interact with. You decide how you will judge someone else. But, judgment is only judgment. It is like an external projection of what is already defined in your own mind. But, it must understood, you can never really know what is in the mind of anyone else. And, if you project what you think you already know onto them, you can never truly learn.

So, within and from each situation you can learn. You can grow or you can cast judgment. Your choice. If you decided to learn, you can develop and expand you mind. If you decide to judge then you stay locked in your own limited perception of another person’s reality. Learn or Judge: your life, your choice.