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No Pride in the Doing

How often do you do something for someone and don’t tell them that you did it? How often do you do something for someone and expect nothing in return? How often do you do something for someone and take no pride in that fact that you did it?

When someone does something bad to someone it is most often then that they will say nothing. Yes, some very low-level people take pride in the fact that they say or do something to a person that affects their life in some negative manner. Most people aren’t like that, however. They don’t want to do things that hurt people.

What most people do want is to be acknowledge for what they have done. They want to be thanked. They want as many people as possible to be aware of the fact that they did something that made someone’s something a little or a lot bit better. How about you?

Based in the Hindu understanding of life, there is Karma Yoga. What Karma Yoga witnesses is a person doing something good, positive, and/or helpful but then receiving no reward for their action(s). Though this all sounds great in concept, how many people behave like that? Even in spiritual circles when someone is doing that supposedly good and giving something, they will immediately state, “I’m doing Karma Yoga.” That, in and of itself, kills the entire process.

So, here’s the question for you, when was the last time you did something good or positive for someone and never said anything to anyone? The deed was just done and no one knew you did it. When was the last time you did something like that?

With all of this as a basis for thought, here’s the assignment for the day (or everyday): Go and do something good for someone and tell no one you did it.

The thing is, you may feel no great sense of accomplishment—except maybe in your own mind. No one will thank you. This being said, the good thing you have done will make someone’s life just a little bit better. What more of a reward do you need than that?

Try it. Observe the results. It may make you think a whole new way about life. It may make your giving that much more unencumbered by your desire for appreciation.

Give/do and tell no one. Watch how everybody’s everything becomes just a little bit better.