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Everything is Going Away AKA Cultural Wasteland

I don’t know about you, but I have become ever-increasingly aware of the fact that culture is falling away. So many of the things that define we, as a people, continues to diminish or no longer exists at all. Sure, you can take the perspective that is simply the evolution of the human race, and maybe it is. But, that does not change the truth of the fact that so many things that once were are no more.
For me, and perhaps one of the things at the top of the list of diminishment is bookstores. There used to be a lot of them. It was a place where people could go to grow, to learn, and, yes, even meet people. So many of the bookshops that I loved are now gone: The Bodhi Tree, (the mecca of spiritual bookstores), Acres of Books in Long Beach, Either/Or Bookstore in Hermosa Beach, Gateways and Logos in Santa Cruz, Shakespeare & Co. in Berkeley, Bookfellows in Glendale, and that’s just the shortlist of bookshops that come to mind here in Cali. There were a lot more that are no more.
Add to that gathering places like arcades, pool halls, bowling alleys, neighborhood movie theaters, and the list goes on. Once here, but here no more.
As the digital world has taken hold of us, isolation has become the name of the game. Sure, people believe they are interacting in that abstract digital world out there. But, is that true interaction or is that simply a mind fuck façade? Even facial interaction, via whatever app is popular at the moment, is not true, face-to-face. I’ve known people who have missed the entire glory of their kids growing up believing that all was okay simply because they could FaceTime them. That’s not true reality people!
So, what does this leave us with? Like all things in life, it leaves us with what we have and only that. But, it is we (you) who can choose to do what we do with our life defined by what we have or what we no longer have. Yes, many of the cultural cornerstones of what once was are no more. But, that does not mean that we cannot step beyond the choice the world around us has made for us. We can define our own reality.
What is true reality? Life, culture, art, and mostly, human interaction. Never surrender to only the inside. Go OUT and find that place where you can BE while BE-ing with others.