Scott Be Positive

The Way You Want Someone to Behave

Have you ever encountered one of those people who expects you to behave in a certain manner and when you do not they get mad at you? They want you to give them what they want. They expect you to provide them with the answers they want to hear with the words they want them spoken in. They want you to behave in the manner that they want you to behave.
It always surprises me when I encounter someone like this. …Though I suppose it shouldn’t. People like that are all over the place. Of course, we all try to steer clear of this type of person, but sometimes they find their way into our life.
For some, due to their profession, they must deal with people all the time. For them, encountering un-nice people is a more frequent occurrence than for those of us who do not work in the public sector. An individual living this lifestyle must learn how to cope with that style of Behavior Expectant people, because, if they cannot learn how to deal, their entire life and Life Time will be haunted by the expectations thrown upon them by others.
Most of us are not like that, however. We are not forced to deal with people on a day-to-day basis. Even though this is the case, sometime, we too, are confronted with that style of person forcing their way into our sphere of existence.
Think about a time when one of these people came knocking at your door. How did they find you? Were they searching you out, expecting to get what they wanted from you? Or, did you nonchalantly let them in, not knowing what you had opened yourself up to?
In either case, once they were at your door, expecting you behave in the manner they desired, they unleashed the fact that they wanted you to give them what they wanted, in whatever form they desired it. I am sure this made your life miserable. I know those situations, when they have occurred to me, have made me lose my peace and be unhappy.
What did you do? How did you deal with the situation?
The reason I ask this question is because how you answer it sets the standard for your life. For example, did you hold firmly to your ground and not shift your attitude or behavior for that person in any manner? Or, did you give into their whims?
The thing is, people who behave in this fashion are oftentimes very authoritarian. If you are different from what they want or expect, if you do not behave in the manner they deem appropriate, then they will often times become very hurtful and/or heavy-handed in their actions and reactions to you. Many of the people take to personal or psychological attacks, some even become physical.
All of this wrong! It is simply them being of such a low mind that they cannot let a person simply be who they are. But, this fact does not stop them.
All across the world you see people being judgmental of other people. Isn’t this the same thing as someone expecting a person to behave in a specific manner? They want what they want out of that person and when they do not get it, they criticize them.
Of course, that is the early and rudimentary stages of this style of behavior. But, it happens all the time. Think about yourself. Analyze how you react towards others. What do you say and what do you do when someone does something that you do not agree with? How do you behave towards a person who does not give you what you want or hope to receive from them?
As I say over-and-over again, all life begins with you. What you do and how you treat others sets an entire plethora of actions, reactions, and karma into motion.
Okay… There is someone in your life expecting you to behave the way they want you to behave. What do you do when that is not the way you act? What do you do when behaving in that manner goes against everything that you are and everything that you believe? If you give in, who are you? If you don’t give in, what are the consequence?
You see, this is where life, and dealing with this style of a person, gets complicated. Sometimes you can just blow them off. Other times, however, if you do, they will go on the attack and attempt to hurt you or your life. That’s not right, but that is sometimes how this style of person behaves.
I wish I could provide you with an absolute answer to the problem of dealing with a person who possesses this mindset. But, each situation is so different. For me, I always give someone a chance to realize their folly and to stop behaving badly with their enhanced expectations towards me. In other words, I hope for the best.
Some people, when they are alerted to how they are behaving, can change their course. They care enough to care about someone else, at least to the degree that they stop expounding their expectations onto that individual and/or stop expecting or demanding things from their life. Others are simply selfish individuals. They want what they want and that is the end of their story. I say, get that type of a person out of your life as quickly as possible. I get it, in some cases that is not easy. But, the best defense against any form of negativity is positivity. Be the GOOD person. Be the BETTER person. Never let anyone define who you should be, what you should do, or how you should behave, especially when that outside person is only in it to get what they want out of you.  As long as what you are saying and doing is good, helpful, positive, and non-demanding, why should you change your anything for anybody else?