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I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it seems like it happens to a lot of people I know, and even to myself every now and then…
Your life in your home is all going along fine and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a crew of ants finds their way in, and they are crawling in masses. Maybe they are hitting your pet’s food or something like that or maybe that are just invading, following their long trail to somewhere they know why they are going to, but you have no idea.
It’s really upsetting, because then you have to deal with them. You must get out the bug spray and get dosed with all that chemical that you are spraying. Then, you have to clean up the mess of all those dead ants. Plus, once this occurs, you have to keep your eyes open, hoping they will not return.
That little creature, so small, it can really mess up your life. At least for a little while.
Aren’t those ants a lot like some people in life. I mean, your life is going along just fine, everything is okay, then, out of nowhere, this person, that you may not even know, comes in and messes everything up. It’s really upsetting.
I mean, you hear about people all the time getting stalked by someone. Someone, who for some reason, feels they have the right to invade someone else’s life. That stalked individual’s life was fine, then this person forces their way in and messes everything up. Not good!
Certainly, there are all kind of these invasions on the internet, all the time. Whether it is something big like identity theft, onto people stealing other people’s creations, onto seemingly smaller things like a person attacking another individual on social media, or someone talking smack and spreading false facts about a person. It is all bad! It is all something that no one wants to have happen to them! But, as there are so few checks and balances in this world, especially in the on-line world, all kinds of crazy stuff goes on. …All brough on by that very small someone that comes out of nowhere.
I mean, I really hate it when stuff like that happens to me. I’m sure we all do.  And, I think that’s the point of empowerment, some people have such a small view of reality that they actually feel invigorated by bursting into someone else’s life and messing things up. It gives them some sort of distorted sense of control. This is especially the case when they can make a name for themselves or some money via this attack.
I don’t know??? I guess, like the old saying goes, “Small people have small minds.” But, tell them this and they just get mad and fight harder to mess things up in that other person’s life.
For the people who read this blog, I am certain you would never go after a person in this manner. You leave people alone and work on making yourself the best vehicle for life that you can become. So, no thoughts need to be passed on in your direction. But, not everyone is like you. Some people want to invade the life of someone else and they may even believe they are doing themselves or someone else a favor. It’s nuts!
The fact of the fact is, there is really no cure for the ants of the world. There are so few checks and balances. I guess you just need to keep your life and your life-place as clean as possible and hope they do not find you. If they do find you, you just gotta do what you can. But, in the abstract reality of this current world, sometimes the bug spray just does not work. So, then what? Then, I guess the only thing is to be strong enough—stronger than them, and not engage in the battle. Because who can win in a fight you did not instigate, especially with a person who has nothing to lose? They are coming at you for a reason. Yes, that reason is most likely only in their own mind. But, they want something from you: money, to hurt you, to get love from you, whatever… But, it is they who want it, not you. All I can suggest is just deflect as best as you can and not care as much as is possible.
They say ants are everywhere. I suppose they serve some function, or they would not still exist. But, the ants that invade your life can be so annoying. Don’t be ant. Become something more pure that is the creative source of the inspiration and the creations of this world, not someone who simply forces their way into the life of that someone who does not want anything they have to offer.