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You Gotta Want It

Let’s face facts; a lot of people want a lot of things. How about you? What do you want?

Do you ever really ponder that question deeply? Sure, sure, you probably sit around and get lost in fantasy about what it would be like to be living that Whatever. But, do you ever really chart out a pathway to you getting what you want?

In this world, it is easy to see the people who have succeeded. They are everywhere, on all the platforms. They got it! They got what you wanted! But, why?

There is really one simple equation that most people used to achieving their dream, “They want it.”

Now, when I say, “They want it,” that does not mean that it was simply some dream in their mind that magically appeared. No. What they did is that they pursued it. They clearly define what they wanted and then they charted a path to its obtainment.

Think about the things you have wanted in your life. What did you do to make them a reality? Did you do anything? Many people do not. Some just fantasize about what it would be like. Others believe that it could never be so they never try. In all cases of Not Doing, nothing is done. Thus, most people never even come close to obtaining what they truly want.

The fact of the fact is, many people hold extreme dreams that are nearly impossible to be lived. Some dreams hold a clearly charted desire. But, for example, if you are physically built to be a basketball player you are probably not going to find your way into the NBA. This being said, most dreams are not as reliant upon how tall you are. Most are much more, “Focus,” orientated.

So, here’s the question, what are you doing to bring your dreams into reality? What formalized gameplan have you consciously set into motion?

Being from L.A., and having been formally in the film industry for over three decades, I have witnessed and have met people arriving here all the time with that dream of Stardom in their mind. The problem is, in a field like this, your dream, your beauty, your believed talent, or your whatever is not necessarily going to get you through the door, because that door is opened and closed via so many other people. So, most of those I have encountered, who possessed big dreams and even walked the walk towards the achievement of those dreams, have been left out in the cold. What this tells us is that if someone else controls the gateway to your dreams and if you do not have what they want and you cannot provide them with what they need then your dream will probably not become a reality.

This being said, the world is also entirely at your fingertips in this day and age. To use the analogy of the Film Game again, you do not need to come here to make it. People have made film productions with the camera on their phone and have achieved acclaim. No, they may not have achieved major Hollywood stardom, but it proves that the achievement of your dreams does not have to move you anywhere away from where you already are.

The primary necessary element for you making your dreams a reality is to Do It. You must take the idea from your mind and find a way to make it a concrete pathway. Will you fail? Maybe. But, if you do not DO, it cannot be DONE. If you do not DO, then nothing is DONE.

In closing, we all have our dreams. There are the unrealistic grandiose dreams that we each keep locked solely to the fantasies in our mind and then there are the dreams that may be achievable. If you want those dreams to happen—if you ever hope to make them a true part of your life, you gotta want ‘em, you gotta try to get ‘em, you gotta chart a pathway to move you towards them, and then you gotta work at it until they become a reality. Even if that reality is only on a small scale, you will have, at least in part, lived what you hoped to BE. TRY!