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“If I wasn’t already paranoid, I would become paranoid.” That’s the joke I told my lady today when I returned home from the supermarket…

A kind of weird thing has been going on in that for the second time in about a week a person has come up to me at my local supermarket saying, “Scott??? I think I know you.” In both cases it was a female—a different female, I believe. Right now, in the age of coronavirus, with everyone wearing a mask, it’s kind of hard to tell. But, if someone knows you they follow that statement up with something to the affect, “I was in one of your movies. I took a class you taught. I met you at that art gallery opening, I used to be a barista at Starbucks, I like that book you wrote, or I'm a fan of Roller Blade Seven.” But, in both of these cases, nada…

I always remember when I would bump into the famed actor: two-time Clint Eastwood co-star and James Bond villain, Don Stroud. “Hey Scott, it’s me, Don Stroud.” I always knew who he was as he was one of my childhood idols. I thought, how humble is that guy? A famed actor and believing he has to remind people who he is.

But, in both of the aforementioned supermarket situations, nothing… They just finished up with, “You could be his twin.”

Me… I, of course, refrain from answering questions or revealing anything about myself in situations such as these as you really don't know who you are talking to (or why).

Obviously, something weird is going on. And, unless I’m sleep walking and living some entirely different life that I don't remember in the morning or it's one of those cross-dimensional things where Scott Shaw from a different dimension is crossing over into this one, someone is stalking me for some reason. Or, maybe I have a doppelgänger. Two of me; that's scary! If I want to be really paranoid, maybe someone is impersonating me. But, why would anyone do that?

Stalkers are always weird. I mean they exist out there in the shadows and who knows why they do what they do.

As it has become easy to find the whereabouts of pretty much anybody these days, I guess this kind of stuff goes on all the time. You can’t hide from that demon, cyber tracking, listing everyone’s everything, internet.

I’ve had a few stalkers in my days. That’s the weird think about being almost famous, people want to get to know you; either from a positive or a negative perspective. And, as I have long said, “Everybody wants something from me but no one ever gives me anything.” So???

The people who just want to be friends are one thing but then there are the people who seek something else… Back in the days when I was writing a lot of articles for marital art magazines, (of which pretty much none are left), I got a few of those weird, macho people tracking me down and trying to start a fight. But, that’s just not what I’m about. That’s not what the true marital arts are about!

When I was living at this other place, maybe twenty years deep, whenever I would park my car on the street something went wrong with it the next time I drove it. If I parked it inside, all was fine. But, outside… Somebody was obviously doing something to it, but why? What did it prove? Though I do believe I know who it was…

Then, there was this one guy who wanted me to give him a role in one of my films. Every time I would go into this one shop he would magically show up. Obviously he knew someone who worked there and they would alert him when I arrived. I always thought that was funny. Eventually I gave him a part in a film. Amazingly, when I went into the shop after that he never magically appeared.

I’ve had a few online stalkers over the years. Maybe they would write bad reviews about my books or my movies or talk shit about me on message boards. But, to what end? What did it prove? Like I always say, everything you do has the potential to affect the life of someone else for years to come; maybe even forever… And, if you say or do something that negatively affects someone/anyone it will all come back at you. You did it. You did it to hurt someone. Do you believe there are no cosmic life repercussions? People always wonder why negative shit finds them and they don't succeed in what they hoped to achieve. Look in the mirror.

You know, the thing about stalking, especially someone like me, is what is the point? I’m a very approachable sort of person. Hit me up on Facebook if you want an answer to a question or just to chat.

Back in the day, when I was teaching a lot of classes and seminars, people would come and take a class if they wanted to know what I was about. But now, in a world of on-line everything, I just don't have the inspiration to teach via that method.

Some people send me an e-mail or something and they immediately want to meet fact-to-face. Then, they get mad when I turn them down. It’s nothing personal. I’m just a fairly reclusive person. From experience, I don’t trust people. It takes time for me to get to know someone. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to stalk me. In fact, I’m a really boring person, why do you want to meet me at all?

But people, you don’t have to stalk me! If you see me on the street or at a café or at the supermarket or wherever, come up and say, “Hi.” Tell me who you are. Tell me what I can do for you. Or, what you can do for me. It doesn’t have to be weird. You don’t have to stalk me!