Scott Be Positive

The Things You Wish You Never Saw

I don’t know about you, but I like to see happy things—things that make me smile and feel good. Whether that is a photograph, a movie, some positive words written on a page, somebody loving their dog or their cat, or just a passing visual or audio something that takes place in my field of reality.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see negative things—things that make me cringe inside. Whether that is a hurtful photograph, a horror, thriller, or drama movie where people are hurt or killed, people doing bad things to other people out on the street, or just negative words that are written.
For me, whenever I encounter the positive stuff, I really like to soak it in—allow it to make me smile for a while. The negative stuff, I just switch the channel. I don’t want to see it, experience it, or read it.
I don’t know about you, but every now and then I’ll be scanning my social media whatever and I will see someone that is in my, “Friends,” or, “Followers,” or my, “Whatever,” really showing or saying something negative about someone or something. This always really surprises me because I always try to surround myself with positive people. Sure, we all have our moments, but if you are walking the path of positivity, if you are living your life consciously, you don’t allow that kind of stuff to take hold of you to the degree where you either produce or disseminate that level of negativity out to the outside world.
Generally, when this kind of thing occurs, I just cut them out of my realm of reality, so I am never impact with that level of STUFF, at least not from that person, ever again. Sometimes, however, for whatever reason, I’ve got to keep them in my spear of reality. So, I don’t, “Unfollow.” But, once that person has unleashed something like that, I am always very weary of them. Why would they believe that their thoughts, their feelings, their opinions, their art, their whatever, based in negativity, should be unleashed to the world? Doesn’t that show that they are not living their life from the perspective of Goodness?
We all have a choice that we can choose. Your life is your life and what you do with it is what you choose to do with it. As you have a choice, isn’t it better to make the choice to only spread the positive, the good, the beautiful, and the happy-making?  Sure, you may have your opinions, you may like or dislike what you like or dislike, but it’s you who spreads what you spread out to the world. From this, an entirely new reality of feelings is unleashed and given birth to in other people.
Who do you want to be? The person who makes other people feel good? Or, the person who churns up negativity in the hearts, the emotions, and the feelings of others? If you are a person of consciousness, if you are a person who cares, I believe the answer to that question is obvious.
Be Positive! Only spread positivity!