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Who Are You Doing What For and Why?

Who are you doing what for and why are you doing it? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Or, do you simply pass through your existence doing what you are doing, motivated by whatever feelings or desires you currently posses, and never reach into the core of your being and figure out why you are doing what you are doing?

Currently, we are in a time of a lot of conflict. Though there is always conflict across the globe, of one type or another, in the last few years, this energy (for lack of a better word) has seemingly overtaken all of us. Governments and people are going nuts!

Due to all of the recent mass murders here in the U.S., a lot of students have been walking out of their classrooms and organizing protests. For those of us who were alive or those of you who look back into history, a very similar thing was taking place during the 1960s. There was all of this emotional outpouring. People wanted to change the world and give everyone a better life. Listen to the music of that era and there is a lot of talk of the revolution that is in the air. But, did anything change? No, not really. People are still doing the things that people do, motivated by person desire(s).

Do they know why they are doing what they are doing? Do they ever look deeply in their soul and question why? Or, do they just do? Why do you do what you do?

I was listening to the news on my car radio today. They were interviewing a young high school student who was in favor of gun control and he had walked out of his classroom with a number of other students. You could hear the adrenaline surging in his voice. “This is a democracy! We are going to change this country! We will make the politicians listen! We will make them change! This is our world!” As it turned out, the boy was only sixteen years old and an undocumented alien who was in this country illegally. So sure, he has an opinion. And sure, this is a democracy. But, he is not a functioning part of that democracy, nor is he even old enough to vote if he were. So, what does all that anger equal? And, whom is it truly directed at?

Each of us feels what we feel. Each of us believes in what we believe in. But, why do we believe it? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you ever ask yourself why do you believe what you believe, leading to what you do?

Now, I will not go into all of the havoc the type of aforementioned energy, emanating from that young boy, can equal. Because I think we all understand where that style of hysteria can lead. But, more than that… Yeah, the world is nuts. Yeah, bad things are being done. But, who are these bad things being done by? They are being performed by someone who wants to hurt or dominate someone else. Do these people in the position of power ever study their inner being and perhaps come to a more enlightened understanding of the people they hope to hurt and/or dominate? Do they ever consider that they are people too—believing what they believing—doing what they must do to survive? Probably not. Yes, they may know their own motivation. But, do they know their reason why? Do you?

Does what you do hurt people? Does what you do hurt anyone? Does what you do help someone in particular? Does what you do help the greater all?

If you hurt, if you help, you are doing something. Hurting someone to help someone else is never a valid logical reason for doing anything, however. Because hurting is hurting. And, hurting only leads to one end; hurt. Do you like it when you are hurt?

Think of all of the world powers, run by powerful people who tell themselves they are doing something good for
their people by hurting another breed or subset of people. It is all a lie! Think of all of the people who are self-motivated to hurt some one or some people just because they believe they are somehow wrong. A lie! All of any of this is self-motivated desire to place themselves in a position of power so that they will be loved as powerful figurehead, as a martyr, or by god. But, that is all just an abstract painting that no one but the artist truly understands. It is a lie! It is a lie based upon the fact that they have not looked deeply into themselves and found the true essence of humanity where judgment and desire is left behind and from this there is no need to judge, exhibit power over, control, hurt, or destroy anyone or anything.

Who are you doing what for and why are you doing it? You should ask yourself this question, all the time.