Scott Be Positive

There Are No Secret Techniques

Ever since the martial arts found their way to the Western World there have been, “Secret Techniques,” that have been spoken about. Some Secret Something that only this ONE very specific individual knows and can teach. Some of these so-call Secret Techniques were shrouded in mystery. “You can’t learn it from the person until you have studied from them for years,” and stuff like that.
Some people, some really good thespian, have even staged these elaborate demonstrations showing how they can do things like knock people down with simply them pointing their cosmic energy in a person’s direction. Their students fly all over the place.

Have you ever seen one of those demonstrations in person or on TV? I had the privilege of being present for one of those. And me, being a Non-Believer, questioned it. “Come up here, I will demonstrate.” “Okay.” But, nothing. The supposed secret energy the man directed my direction did nothing. It was then detailed that because I did not believe it did not work. What? You have to believe in the con to be conned?
There have also been a lot of practitioners who claim secret knowledge about the pressure points and that they can simply touch an opponent and win any confrontation. Again, there have been numerous demonstrations demonstrating these supposed techniques.
And sure, there are pressure points on the human body that can, when impacted correctly, cause a lot of pain and stuff.  Think about a time when you’ve accidentally bumped your funny bone and it hurts! That’s what acupuncturists do. But, they are not claiming what they do is some secret knowledge, simply studied knowledge.
I met this one man claiming he had all this secret knowledge about how to disable his opponent’s with just a touch. His students were falling left and right. “Try it on me.” What he did was grab for a pressure point that any advanced martial artists knows about. All I did was shift my arm slightly and he had no effect.
It’s not secret people! There’s been books written about it, it’s been taught in tons of classes on all of the continents, and the knowledge can be known if you look for it!  
This is the same with spirituality, especially Eastern Spirituality. There is all of this promised mysticism and secret knowledge spoken of. All of this, “You are too impure,” to ever understand. Again, this is all someone feeding into the illusion of they know, or that person (their teacher) knows, and you do not. It is all about separation. The, “I am more than you,” mentality. But, anyone who proclaims this style of knowing is just lost in a lie. They are not being truthful to you, anyone else, and maybe even themselves.
Yes, someone may know something that you do not know. Yes, someone may know how to do something that you do not know how to do. But, that’s what schools are for. That is the basis of the teacher, student relationship. Nothing is, “Secret.” At most, it is unknown to you.
There are no Secret Techniques.