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Misadventure AKA You Can No Longer Do What I Have Done

I was watching the Netflix series, Dark Tourist. It’s kind of one of those shows that’s not all that interesting, though via its title, it should be. You know, one of those times when you just need a little brain wipe, so you sit around watching bad TV.
Anyway, on one segment the guy travels to Myanmar, formerly Burma. Though he had his guide he was followed around with a state employee who was GoPro videoing his every move. I could not help to think back to my time in Burma. And, I’ve written about it. But, I was free to travel wherever I wanted. And, I did. I had some, for lack of a better term, very interesting experiences in that country. But, you can’t do that anymore.
Of course, there is this whole subtext going on here. I mean, once upon a time, even on this site, I had a Free Burma banner. I was totally in support of Aung San Suu Kyi being released from her years of home detention. And, she was. She got a Nobel Peace Prize and she was even elected president. But, then as it turns out, she seemed to become just as bad as her predecessors, especially against the Rohingya Muslims. It’s sad, really. Myanmar is sad, really. All the protests, all the militarization, and the all the… Even when I was there the first time, there was a coup, and all the currency became worthless. I remember sitting in the airport, in a million-degree heat, hoping to get out of the country, as I was the only American on the scene, with all of these Russian Aeroflot aircraft flying in. Scary… But, I finally got out and back to Bangkok.
But, that’s not really the point. Apparently, you can go to Myanmar, but you can’t do what I did. You can’t Just Do.
I’ve spoken about my travels to Egypt in the past. Back in the early ‘80s, when I first traveled there, I literally was the only person in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I could just walk in, walk up that horribly long, small pathway to the chamber. And, I could just BE. Again, as I have said before, for all those people who believe and seek the cosmic energy of the pyramids, if it once was there, it ain’t there no more. I could just GO. I could walk and climb on the pyramid and all was the way it was. You can’t do any of that anymore.
Or course, as I write this, we are still in the remnants of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are still all kinds of worldwide restriction on travel in general. That, of course, is a major hindrance. But, the point being, in all that the world has become, it has become so much less. No longer can you just DO. What you can DO is so monitored and restricted. Even everything everyone says, is so judged. Though the world has become so much smaller, with the ease of travel, it has also become so much less.
In Zen, less is more. But, in life, should that also be the case?