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Doing Verse Undoing

As we have just entered into a new year, it is a time when some people attempt to make a change. They make, “New Year’s Resolutions,” and things like that. Though I’ve never been one to employee the New Year’s Resolution tool, I do see its benefits. There it is, a day when all things become new. But, the fact of the matter is, everyday is a new day where all things become new. Any day can be your, “New Day.”

Whenever people make New Year’s Resolutions and/or decide to make a change, it always seem that it is about the doing. It never seems to be about the undoing. People want to lose weight, they want to get out of financial debt, the want to get out of that bad relationship, they want to get a new job or a new car. Of course, the list goes on and on. But, whatever it is they are thinking about doing, it is based in the, “Wanting,” which equals the, “Doing.”

Think about your own life. What do you wish were different? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to make it different? Do you ever/have you ever set about on a course to make that change?

The thing is, when people set a goal those goals require, “Doing.” But, so few people possess the ability to actually, “Do.” They may think they want to, “Do.” They may believe that they can, “Do.” But, doing takes focused effort which is something very few people possess. They may do it for a day or a week but then their doing gets the best of them and it is just another New Year’s Resolution left undone.

On a deeper investigation of this issue, do you ever think about your doing? Isn’t your doing all done for you? How many New Year’s Resolutions have you made where your doing is completely focused on doing for someone or something else? And, did you/do you ever ponder this? The thing is, “Doing,” is most commonly, “Done,” for yourself. Is that how your life should operate?

From the perspective of Zen, “Doing,” is the exact opposite of what a person should actually be doing. Instead they should be, “Undoing.” How must time do you spend undoing? Aside from the occasional Spring Cleaning, how much emptying and purifying do you do? How much time do you spend doing to stop the Have? How much time do you spend removing?

There are so many levels of life that people could live from a better and more pure perspective but due to their focus on themselves they do not. They only think about themselves and their gain. If their gain hurts someone or something else, so be it. Do they/do you spend any time undoing the damage onto who or what you have hurt while you were doing what you do, equaling getting what you want?

If you doing hurts, then should that doing be done? If your doing hurts, and you have not undone that hurtful doing, doesn’t that hurtful doing come to be the definition of your life? Most people never even ponder this fact. Most people never attempt to undo their hurtful doing. Not them who is hurt, why should they care?

Very few people ever care to undo the doing that they have done in this physical world. Why? Because they are a selfish creature. And, this is where all of the bad deeds in the doings are done.

From a perspective of consciousness, how much time do you guide your mind to mental undoing? For most, they spend all of their waking hours thinking about whatever it is on their mind. They never stop the, “Do.” But, from this, no new and/or better levels of consciousness can ever be experienced. I get it, most people don’t care. But, they should. Because, ask yourself, “How truly happy are you?” “How spiritually aware are you?” “How pure are your actions leading to the dos that they do?” “How does your doing affect you and, more importantly, how does your doing affect others?” Moreover, “What is the ultimate price you will pay for what you have, are, and will do?”

Doing is a natural state of life. But, it does not have to be your only state of life. You can be more than simply guided by the doing to get what you want. You can be more than what your doing does to others. You can be more than simply a mindless individual walking the path of their life guided by nothing more than Doing to Get.

In doing there is never undoing. But, your life doesn’t have to be that way. Try the undoing. Experience the silence. Do that and an entirely new, cleaner, purer, and better reality will be opened up for you.

Do the undo.